Meddus’ ‘Elemental’ Paves The Way For A New Season Of Liquid Ritual Releases

As predicted, 2022 is proceeding at full speed for the wave scene. Anyway, I think that in the last few months you have noticed too that one of the protagonists was missing. I’m talking about Liquid Ritual. Since Kenaj‘s release five months ago they went pretty much under the radar. A bunch of mixes, a couple of sample packs, but no new releases. At first, seeing the ‘Home of Wave’ so silent worried me a lot. I began to fear that it might suffer a fate similar to that of the legendary wavemob. How much of a fool I was.

Liquid Ritual is not going anywhere. They were just taking a breath. They were getting ready to take off again stronger than ever. First of all, the team behind Liquid Ritual has started their new hardwave label called Dektora (that already features tracks by Deadcrow and REMNANT.exe). Then they’ve organized a two-day Liquid Ritual event in London which is going to be one of the biggest wave events ever (guess who’s going) and now they’re even back releasing music under the main imprint. Thanks to the launch of Dektora, from now on Liquid Ritual is going to focus on the darker and softer side of the genre, with this release from Meddus to pave the way.

‘Elemental’ sits in an interesting position between the two main wave trends. Meddus created a truly curious mixture of sensations, which he encapsulates in this definition: “the single captures the dread and danger of exploration into a cavernous void.” Elemental ‘arises as a melting point between the centrifugal force of hardwave and the centripetal force of wave. It reminds me a lot of ‘Falling‘ by Deadcrow, a track that I consider to be one of the first prototypes of hardwave I’ve ever encountered. I use the term prototype because, despite being, like  ‘Elemental’, more imposing than the wave I was used to listening to, it’s still strongly permeated with an intimate and introspective atmosphere.

I hope you managed to get your head around this short but nerdy, analysis. You can judge yourself by listening to Meddus’ debut on Liquid Ritual below, on your favorite platform, or on Bass Nation’s channel.