Meagan Good Confronts A Brooding Cory Hardrict In ‘Divorce In The Black’ Trailer

Meagan Good and Cory Hardrict are bringing harsh realities to the silver screen in the Divorce In The Black trailer. Directed and written by Tyler Perry, the over two-hour watch explores a complex story of a marriage gone wrong.

“Making DIVORCE IN THE BLACK was born out of wanting to tell Ava’s story,” detailed Perry in a press statement of the leading character, played by Good. Hardrict takes on the role of Dallas, who leads as her estranged husband.

“She is surrounded by all this power through her foundation – her family and friends.  She has all the power inside of her but that power is somehow lost in her marriage.  So it was important for her character to find her way, to show that journey back to her power.”

Divorce In The Black also stars Joseph Lee Anderson, Shannon Wallace, Taylor Polidore, Richard Lawson, and Debbi Morgan.

The official synopsis reads as follows:

Ava, a young bank professional is devastated when her husband Dallas abandons a marriage she is determined to fight for until fate intervenes, revealing Dallas’ wicked deeds that have trashed their marriage, and once upon a time sabotaged Ava’s destiny to be loved by her true soulmate.

Speaking with VIBE on Thursday (June 13) in Miami at the 2024 American Black Film Festival, both Good and Hardrict discussed the complexity of their respective characters.

“I play the character of Ava and it’s interesting. She is going through this journey in life where she’s trying her best to be a good wife, and to be supportive and to be loving and to love through, and now that her husband has decided he doesn’t want to be with her anymore, she is rediscovering herself and reclaiming her being and her worth,” detailed Good.

“I can relate to that a lot having gone through a divorce and I hope this encourages and empowers women to reclaim their time, reclaim their value, reclaim their worth, and reclaim this next act of their life whatever it may be, and to be excited for it because if God has allowed it there [are] wonderful things to come.”

Cory Hardrict and Meagan Good

Cory Hardrict and Meagan Good attend Tyler Perry’s “Divorce In The Black” Exclusive First Look at New World Center on June 13, 2024 in Miami Beach, Florida.

Alekandra London/Getty Images

Hardrict added, “The only way I would say I relate to Dallas, because these are characters right, would be his vulnerability and his emotion and his feelings. We all have that. This character, I was able to, in some great moments, show that vulnerability side, that he’s hurting. And hurt people, hurt people and that’s what you will see in this film. ”

Divorce In The Black is produced by Perry and Good, as well as Angi Bones, Will Areu, and Dianne Ashford. The movie is set to premiere on Prime Video on July 11, 2024. Watch the trailer for Divorce In The Black above.