MAR Leads The Way With Debut Latin-Pop Hit “QUÉDATE” & Announces New Hit

Latin-pop rising queen MAR takes a very big step forward by dropping her debut single “Quédate,a wonderful first original work by an artist who has been involved in music for years. While most artists would only dream to amass millions of views or plays with their debut works, MAR did it effortlessly and with full swag. 

The music video created for “Quédatesets the stage right from the start by capturing MAR dancing divinely on a tropical beach. She then ends-up falling in love or at least having a passionate summer fling with a guy, and the two seem to be having the time of their lives cocooning during a few days. The visuals work ideally with the music, all together resulting in an inspiring romantic summer vibe that sustains until the very last note.  

After touring in Europe and North America, MAR has recently announced the imminent release of her sophomore single, and after the hype surrounding her debut single, we can only expect things to get out of control when she drops her new song!

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