Malcolm Mays Has Police Altercation Outside Of ‘Power’ Premiere Party

Malcolm Mays went viral after a video showed him being escorted out of the Power Book II: Ghost season 4 premiere party in New York City on Thursday (June 6) by police. A video shared by 9MagTV shows Mays getting into a slight altercation with two white police officers as he puts his hands up to show onlookers that he isn’t attempting to be antagonistic. The actor could be heard saying, “I’m trying to tell you,” as the officers removed him from the premises and closed the steel barricades behind him.

A woman in red can be seen trying to console the 34-year-old entertainer as he appears to tell her to return back to the party. Malcolm then approaches the officers to tell them, “All you ni**as are bi**hes,” before turning to a Black man in a black suit standing behind the authorities and telling him that the cops “can’t protect you.”

The thespian then appears to walk away from the situation before coming back to the barricade to address the cops once more. He questions whether or not the police know who the Black man in the suit is before asking them if they know who he is. After the police tell him they don’t know who he is, the Snowfall actor snaps back, saying, “And that’s the problem. You just listen to whoever is talking to you, but when I talk, you don’t want to listen, right? ‘Cause I’m a Black man, but this mothaf**ker got a suit on, so you listening to his bi**h, ni**a.”

The footage never reveals the cause of the verbal back and forth, but from the looks of it, Mays appears to feel that the cops treated him unjustly at that moment. As more information trickles in regarding the situation, VIBE will be sure to provide subsequent updates.

As for the show itself, fans of the Power franchise can expect to see the fourth and final season of the beloved Power Book II: Ghost series, which will premiere in two parts on June 7 and Sept. 6 on Starz.

Watch the police altercation video above.

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