Los Angeles Clippers Unveil New Logo And Uniforms For 2024/2025 Season

The Los Angeles Clippers have shown off their new identity for the 2024/25 season. On Monday (Feb. 26), the NBA franchise debuted their new threads across social media. 

The team keeps its red, white, and blue colorway intact, but the logo, jersey design, and mantra have all undergone an overhaul. Pictures of Clippers stars Kawhi Leonard, James Harden, and Paul George donning the new threads showed off some new details. Navy blue replaced the royal blue color-way that once detailed the jersey. Light blue and silver can also be seen around the jersey’s collar and arm holes. The classic Clippers script logo returns as the main logo on all three of the home, away, and alternative threads. 

Additionally, six new logos were shown off. The logos were categorized as global, primary, partial, secondary a, secondary b, and secondary c. However, the major change appears with the global, primary, and partial logos. A ship and compass appear in a circle, with the team’s name found in a navy blue and red outline. While the Clippers script logo is used on the jerseys, the primary logo is seen on the basketball shorts.

If you don’t know, the LA Clippers were named after clipper ships and naval vessels found along the San Diego coast. Putting the ship front and center in the middle of the logo was done to reassure fans that they weren’t changing their tradition and iconography in the rebrand. 

The Los Angeles Clippers last changed their logo in 2015 and received severely mixed reviews. This time around, the franchise wanted to make a change that “fans could be proud of.”

Team governor Steve Ballmer spoke to ESPN about the decision to slightly change the team’s appearance. But Bullmer was adamant in keeping the team’s name untouched. 

“The focus groups are advisory, not definitive,” Ballmer said. “But I still listen to them, and I have heard, partially to my surprise, that there is no interest in a name change. I had thought about [the name] years ago, before I got the team, but we heard similar reactions back then.” 

The rebrand also found its way onto their new Intuit Dome, which is currently under construction. The primary logo is seen at halfcourt. Navy blue trim decorates the perimeter of the hardwood floors with red coordinates etched at the bottom. 

The Los Angeles Clippers will debut the new uniforms during the 2024/25 season.