L*o*J Make FUXWITHIT Debut With Mystical Banger 'Supersonic' – FUXWITHIT

L*o*J have been longtime FUXWITHIT favorites. The duo originally from Switzerland but now residing in Las Vegas has been absolutely on fire for the past several years. The pair exploded onto our radar back in 2019 with the enchanting ‘Mojave Mirage,’ and proceeded to impress with tracks like ‘Whippin,’ ‘Walk On The Bogo,’ and their most recent ‘Fight Again.’ After several premieres, a guest mix, and numerous features, it’s only right that L*o*J make their debut on our label. Today we have the pleasure of bringing you their latest masterpiece ‘Supersonic.’

So ‘Supersonic’ was written beginning 2021. We actually decided to go back to the L*o*J roots when we started with this project. This is more L*o*J in 2015. We were in a very tribal mood that night and we started to dig through ancient vocals/flutes and tribal/exotic sounds. The idea of that song was to bring people into a certain state where they feel like they’re in an ancient fantasy jungle/desert. Ancient historical flutes and singing with a touch of heavy futuristic elements and basslines combined in a beat describes almost exactly what we think would exist as a music form in places like Naboo or Pandora. – L*o*J

Pulling from their early roots, ‘Supersonic’ is a tribal-influenced trap banger. Wordly and exotic soundscapes dance with aggressive bass and pounding percussion. There’s a mystical undercurrent that’s balanced against the aggressive nature of the drops. Ancient meets futuristic for a sound that’s spiritual yet polished. The sound design is inventive and forward-thinking while the instrumentation presents a more organic feel. Vocal chants add depth and powerful feelings making this more than your typical banger. ‘Supersonic’ invites you into an elevated state of existence that you won’t want to leave.

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