Lil Wayne Claims He Was “Treated Like Sh*t” At Recent Laker Game: “I’m Used To It”

When he’s not creating music, skateboarding, or spending time with his family, Lil Wayne is tending to his other passion: basketball. The New Orleans rep has made his love for the sport known by attending NBA games frequently and sharing his commentary on ESPN, but recently, he revealed he wasn’t treated well at a Laker game.

“Wow! Got treated like sh*t at the Laker game just now but I figured they’d do me [like] that sooner or later,” Lil Wayne tweeted on Friday (March 1) after the Los Angeles Lakers vs Washington Wizards game.

He also explained his assumed reasoning for the treatment, continuing, “Either bc of what I said said about AD or simply bc they don’t f*ck with me which I been got that vibe from em as well, so all good, I get it. F**k em. It isn’t what it isn’t. I’m used to it.”

Weezy has been critical of Anthony Davis on Undisputed with Skip Bayless multiple times in the past. In November 2023, the New Orleans native called on his favorite team to trade the nine-time NBA All-Star.

“Anthony Davis. If you’re asking me, if the Lakers want to be a championship team, in the future as well, they got to get rid of AD. Because he’s AD, plain and simple,” Wayne stated. On another episode, the Carter V creator also said, “He ain’t done nothing for us, bro. That ‘bubble championship’ don’t count. That man has done nothing for the Lakers.”

Despite him not having much faith in AD, Wayne has previously shared who he is expecting great things from this season: Stephen Curry. While sitting courtside with his son, Kameron Carter, at a game last year, the two exchanged their NBA Finals predictions.

 “I’ve got the Bucks and Warriors,” the rapper said, before explaining why he isn’t ready to give any prediction that doesn’t involve Curry. “To me, counting Steph out is like how it used to feel when you’d count [Tom] Brady out.”

“Them Patriots years that you just thought they’re not going to be there, and then they’d be in the f**king Super Bowl. That’s how I be feeling about Steph. Every time I’m ready to say, ‘Yeah, Steph’s run is over,’ that boy be right there in the Finals,” he continued.