Lil Wayne Baffled By Hot Boys Reunion: “They Ain’t Told Me Nothing Yet”

Lil Wayne is confused by reports of a Hot Boys reunion album and states that the group hasn’t told him anything about it. During an interview with the Not Just Football podcast, the New Orleans native was asked about his former group getting back together for a special celebration. As Cam Heyward, the show’s host, questioned him about the reunion, Wayne seemed to be perplexed, saying, “Sh*t, you just told me! When they coming? When them boys coming? I need to go check it out — I’d love to see that!”

After Heyward finished laughing, the Pittsburgh Steelers defensive lineman explained that “[Juvenile] said the [reunion] was on the way” and that the Hot Boys “already got the album cooking.” Wayne maintained a clueless demeanor, insisting that he was not told about any official plans with the Cash Money group.

“That’s what he saying? I ain’t been to the kitchen yet. I would not lie to you,” the rap icon said. “I have not been in that kitchen yet. I have no problem with going to that kitchen… but I ain’t smell it, it ain’t come through the window yet. I ain’t smell the food… They ain’t told me nothing yet… But I’m outside, I’m outside, I’ll go into the kitchen if the smell it through the window.”

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Elsewhere in the interview, Wayne did give an update on his long-awaited Tha Carter 6 album. The rapper explained that the project has “been done,” but he’s in the process of “editing” the LP due to having too many songs. Lil Wayne also talked about two dream collaborations featuring artists dead or alive, to which he gushed about Michael Jackson and Prince.

Juvenile previously talked about a Hot Boys reunion during an Instagram Live in May. The “Slow Motion” rapper addressed all the requests for the Cash Money squad to get back together now that B.G. has finally been released from prison. He asserted that the reunion was on the way along with an album.

“Hot Boys is back together, man,” Juvenile said on Instagram Live. “What you talkin’ about put the Hot Boys back together? Show y’all ain’t keeping up with sh*t. Turk gonna be with me tonight, I’m gonna be with B.G. next week. Me, Wayne, Turk, and B.G., all of us gonna be on stage in New Orleans with Mannie Fresh and Birdman. And we already done started working on a Hot Boys album. Any other f**king questions? Keep on askin’ put the Hot Boys together. Have some f**kin’ patience.”

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