Kyubi Drops Divine Drum & Bass Tune, 'Null' – FUXWITHIT

Although Tasmanian producer Kyubi has spent his time exploring different genres, drum & bass isn’t one that’s new to him. One of his first releases from four years ago was a galactic dnb re-imagination of ‘Don’t Forget Me’ and the beatsmith continued to contribute to the genre throughout the years. Now, via The Landing Strip, Kyubi returns to his roots with new track, ‘Null.’

‘Null’ examines the dichotomy of light and dark, utilizing twinkling keys and feathery atmospheres that ambitiously contrast its hypersonic percussion and murky basslines. For Kyubi, the song represents his own life. He says, “I’m a night shift worker, so my days work in reverse to most people’s. I feel that ‘Null’ somewhat reflects this. It’s fast pace representing the work itself, but it also has calm and chilled out elements like my surroundings as the city sleeps.”

If you’re looking to traverse through top-notch talent with diverse discography, hop over to Kyubi’s Soundcloud. But first, listen to Kyubi – ‘Null’ below.