Kota The Friend's 'EVERYTHING' Is The Feel Good Rap Album We Need Right Now – FUXWITHIT

“I want to make music that I needed to hear when I was down. I want to make music that people need to hear when they’re down so they can get up.” Kota The Friend recently told okayplayer. With the release of his third album EVERYTHING he’s doing just that, and the timing couldn’t be more perfect. The world is living under a shadow of fear, isolation, uncertain and anxiety. We could all use a little uplifting. EVERYTHING pairs sun-drenched sounds palettes with optimistic, honest and inspiring raps. Kota’s style is approachable and laid-back; his words provide the guidance and comfort of an old friend even if it’s your first time listening. From love-fueled bops, to summer anthems and thought-provoking lyricism, it’s hard not to love.

EVERYTHING feels like a new crush, spending time with your best friends by the beach, beginning to realize your dreams and waking up to a brighter future. On the surface it’s a feel good summer soundtrack but as you delve deeper it’s clear that this is a project with a timelessness that’ll have you coming back years from now. Kota the Friend’s latest is here to bring some sunshine into your life. Open your windows, pour your favourite drink and drift away.