Knock2 Opens Up The Gates Of Unlimited Energy With His ‘ROOM202’ EP

The time has finally come. Knock2 has finally released his highly anticipated sophomore EP, ROOM202. A project which describes his journey in such a powerful fashion. Named after his first headline performance in LA hosted by Brownies & Lemonade as well as NIGHTMODE, this new chapter for the artist goes above all expectations. Completely throwing listeners for a loop with diverse frequencies and rhythmic structures. Complimenting his overall persona and artistic vision. Showcasing his talents to a brand new degree. Making this one of the best EPs of 2023 already!

ROOM202 contains incredible amounts of addictive arrangements, sound design, and melody creation. All portrayed in his own signature style. Executed beautifully from beginning to end. All tracks share their own unique and angelic qualities. Coming together as one. Forming a wild ride for listeners everywhere!

‘Make U SWEAT!’ completely opens up everything with pure excitement from its fast-paced patterns and impactful drums. A house-infused environment you’ll never want to leave from. While ‘JUMP in’ tackles his electronic trap side. Completely throwing listeners into a trance of intoxicating nature. Making it a pure highlight off the EP! Not to mention how ‘Rock Ur World’ with fussy takes your breath away with such a throwback atmosphere. fussy’s tonal range shines like a star in the sky while Knock2 compliments it all with a pure festival-sounding arrangement. Taking you back to your favorite festival. Fireworks boom in the skies. Making memories you’ll cherish forever. There is a ton of spirit and heart flowing throughout. And we guarantee this will be on repeat for many for a long long time. So make sure to show your support by streaming ROOM202 everywhere via NIGHTMODE! We’re excited to see what’s next.