K+Lab And ill-esha Melt Hardened Boundaries With Their 'Simplications' EP – FUXWITHIT

Coming around full circle, K+Lab and ill-esha are back to drop their second track to complete the brand new, Simplications EP. Which is out now on Westwood Recordings. Having no expectations going into this project, it’ll create a wonderful surprise of relentless talent and experience for every listener. Putting in everything they’ve got, both musicians create a mind-bending experience, you’ll feel the addiction run through your veins like caffeine to get your day instantly started. It’s a well-crafted and memorable experience overall.

Honoring their first track, ‘Simplicity,’ the creation continues to hold an extra special dose of whimsy and attitude. ‘Complications’ is an everlasting sense of beauty. Putting ill-esha’s soft yet effective vocals, in the beginning, was a wonderful and exciting route to open up this wild ride. Preparing their listeners for what’s to come. While still adding some mind-bending elements in the background to really get you invested. Then with a theatrical style buildup, the energy and eagerness start to rise like powerful waves from the ocean, waiting to strike everything in its path. Then, the chorus hits you as if you were caught in a tornado. Bringing in the spice and bouncy flare, they go nuts within the first drop! From grimy bass leads, to liquid style leads, their energies release such raw creativity. It’ll leave your mouth wide open with shock and awe.

Following the aftershock, ill-esha swoops right back in to calm the rumbling waters of destruction. Blessing us with static-based rhythms, they both added in a quick yet soothing section. Integrating lightning fast percussion and drums to keep the track following. And just when you think it’s all over, they prepare us for their final act. The final drop is a mind-altering calling to their first track from the EP. Incorporating a similar atmosphere from ‘Simplicity,’ they closed out this project on a calming and high note. Nothing but memorable elements and pieces to cherish for the future.

This art piece represents growth and evolution. Being only two songs, both K+Lab and ill-esha managed to create an addictive and revolutionary vibe for all to enjoy. So make sure to go support them by streaming their Simplications EP everywhere.

Westwood Recordings · K+Lab x ill-esha – Simplications EP