Kill Feed Steps Into The New Year With Finesse In ‘PAYBACK!’

Stepping into the new year with finesse, Kill Feed carefully constructs bass components in a thought-provoking manner. His latest ‘PAYBACK!’ dissects higher-end frequencies and sounds while tossing them across distinct percussion patterns. In the previous year, we saw his first Never Say Die original ‘Without You‘ in addition to plentiful originals and remixes. Being nearly three years since the birth of his new project, it feels as we have barely begun to witness the capability and potential Kill Feed carries.

Now, Kill Feed returns to Never Say Die with ‘PAYBACK!,’ where he seeks retribution.  An unsettling intro surfaces and faces difficulty in dealing with the increased anticipation. While the track steadily molds together it comes to a brief halt before Kill Feed lets loose a pristine new sound. Wicked bass. Pure innovation. Experimental riddim? Dubstep? Whatever title you choose ‘PAYBACK!’ is downright bass excellence.

What else will Kill Feed conjure up in 2022? Explore ‘PAYBACK!’ out via Never Say Die in the meantime to get a glimpse.