Kevin Hart Gifted Step Stool On Kai Cenat Livestream: “You Needed This One, Bruh!”

Kevin Hart is the latest A-lister to join Kai Cenat on livestream, paying the Bronx kid a visit Thursday (May 23).

“My first ever livestream, by the way, it can’t be better, it can’t be bigger” Hart proclaimed during the stream. The hilarious interaction also involved Hart being gifted with a step stool, with Kai taking an easy, yet affective jab as Kev’s literal stature.

“It’s a step stool,” Hart says after opening a huge box, with Kai screaming in excitement over the troll.

“You needed this one, bruh! I know you needed this one, bruh!” Cenat hollered across the room. “Now you can get so many, like, imagine the amount of things you can get! It’s crazy, bruh!”

Kev sarcastically adds, “This is everything man, thank you,” before entertaining Cenat by using the step stool to pretend he’s reaching for cereal atop a refrigerator. Check it out below.

[embedded content]

The pair also played a game of “What’s In The Box?” involving the two funny men guessing what the other has placed into a cardboard box without looking. Objects ranged from a bowl of apples and a cup or straws to a white rabbit, with the team eventually upping the ante with snakes and a large iguana. Hart’s notorious discomfort around wild animals has been noted both within his stand-up act, and during late night gigs, namely his The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon appearances featuring animal segments, which are some of the show’s most viewed on YouTube.

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Kai pulled a similar stunt during 21 Savage’s appearance, where a team member brought in two snakes, causing the Slaughter Gang CEO to jump out of his seat.

“Hell nah! No! No! Keep that sh*t over there, on God. That sh*t dripping!” the “sneaky” rapper exclaimed. Cenat, singing “Hakuna Matata,” encouraged him to come closer, but Savage wouldn’t budge.

“I’m not touching no snake,” he said. “On my mama, I’m not touching no snake, bro.”