Kanye West Slams YesJulz With $8 Million Lawsuit For Violating Non-Disclosure Agreement

Kanye West and his team have filed an $8 million lawsuit against YesJulz after the social media influencer violated terms of a non-disclosure agreement with the rapper.

On Sunday (March 17), Ye shared a screenshot of a copy of the lawsuit, which lists Julianne Goddard, YesJulz’s given name, as the defendant. “Julianne Goddard has repeatedly, intentionally and grossly violated the terms of her Non-Disclosure Agreement,” the suit reads.

Offenses such as “publicly disclosing corporate sales figures, social media strategies, text messages with Ye and management, release plans for Vultures album, and product designs before release” prompted Ye’s team to take legal action against Goddard, who claims to have helped with the rollout and release of Ye and Ty Dolla $ign’s Vultures 1 album.

YesJulz attends REVOLVE Festival 2023, Thermal, CA – Day 2 on April 16, 2023 in Thermal, California.

Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for REVOLVE

Earlier this month, YesJulz was fired from Ye’s YEEZY team, news which was announced by West himself on social media. “We have decided to no longer have YesJulz involved in the roll out of Vultures,” the rapper wrote on his Instagram Story at the time. “All the activity on her page and with our fans in the past few days has been unauthorized.”

Shortly after, an email seemingly addressed to Goddard surfaced on X, which informed her that she has accrued nearly $8 million in fines due to her violation of her NDA while pointing out that Goddard was being “terminated for cause” and had failed to sign her employment contract.

“Dear Ms. Goddard, enclosed please find a letter and statement of account from your time with Yeezy. Fines incurred to date as a result of your NDA violations come to $7.7m,” the email read

“While you were a contractor, I suspended enforcement of this debt. It now falls due. Hassan from the compliance team will reach out with information about payment. Please note that any further violations will accrue more fine. Because you are being terminated for cause but also because you forgot to sign your contract your termination is effective immediately.”

Yet, despite West and Yeezy Chief of Staff Milo Yiannopoulos’ threats of litigation, YesJulz would continue to publicly reveal confidential information regarding Vultures 1 and Yiannopoulos’ via her social media accounts. This included leaked intel about a potential Vultures song intended to feature Nicki Minaj, but was ultimately sent to Ice Spice and Doja Cat, as well as snippets of texts in which Yiannopoulos referred to followers of West and his music as “down syndrome megafans” with “developmental disorders.”

While she did not attack West directly, much of Goddard’s ire was aimed towards Yiannopoulos and the alleged toxic and sexist culture at Yeezy. “One thing I wont do is sit here and let a group of d*ck riding, misogynist yes men go out of their way to slander my name in an attempt to ruin everything i have worked my a** off to build from scratch over the past decade,” she wrote on X.

YesJulz also claimed to have not signed an NDA and seemingly criticized Ye’s hypocrisy given his history of screenshotting private texts and sharing them publicly on social media.

“The audacity for a company ran by someone who posts screen shots to over 20 million people at his leisure, without consent, to attempt to intimidate a former team member with a ridiculous lawsuit with basis claims of over $7million in incurred fees for breaking a doc that was never signed is truly laughable,” the talent manager added. “The fact that you even have this opinion of it all is exactly how behavior like this gets to continue! People need to be held accountable for their actions & f**kin with me, they most certainly will be.”

During her tirade, Goddard also claimed that it was Yiannopoulos, not Ye, who was in control at YZY, alleging that Yiannopoulos was in charge of hirings, firings, and payment schedules of employees of the brand.

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