Kanye West Calls Drake’s Raps Meaningless And Claims His Career Success Is “Artificial”

Kanye West is fully in attack mode against his longtime rival Drake. The Chicago superproducer claimed that the 6 God’s raps are meaningless and that his career success is “artificial.”

Ye joined Justin LaBoy on an episode of The Download and discussed how he came together with Future and Metro Boomin for a remix to “Like That.” He also addressed the Toronto rapper’s latest diss track “Push Ups” and why it didn’t land for him.

“Every bar that Drake said means nothing anymore,” he said. “‘Drop and give me 50,’ ain’t nobody dropping to do sh*t. Your raps don’t mean sh*t, ni**a. It doesn’t mean [anything because] the sh*t is artificial. Lucian [Grange] and Drake, all this sh*t is artificial. That’s why gods had to come [together to] pack that boy up.”

Kanye West believes that him joining forces with Future, Metro Boomin, and everyone else targeting Drake is for the greater good of music. “We saving the world,” he said. “You take Drake and Lucian out, that just alters everything. Cause that’s such a controlled thing they have. The algorithm, the way they work together to fix the numbers, and all that.”

Ye and Drizzy have been vocal about their admiration for one another over the last 15 years, though their relationship has soured ever since the infamous 2018 beef the For All The Dogs rapper had with Pusha T. Now, the Vultures artist is hinting at the fact his “Glow” collaborator is a bad person.

“The thing with Drake is morality and likability are not connected,” he said. “They’re usually the opposite. Usually, the most immoral people are the most likable. If I say ‘I like Drake,’ it’s not because he’s a good person. It’s because I like him.”

Kanye West not having to fight this battle alone has him sounding more confident than ever. He even believes that he’s got the adoration of Drake’s home country, Toronto.

“All of Canada, they love Ye,” he said. “Like I’m invincible. Even if I died, I wouldn’t die and sh*t. So I’m tired of this ni**a f**king with me and all that sh*t man So the fact that these ni**as is coming together finally, ’cause it’s not just about the elimination of Drake, you know? It’s like, we’re going to tear the head off of whoever they got that they thought is in control of all this sh*t.”

Ye previewed his verse on the “Like That” remix, where he dissed both the part-time crooner and J. Cole. The original “Like That,” from Future and Metro Boomin’s We Don’t Trust You, featured Kendrick Lamar bringing similar energy. That one verse, along with Rick Ross, The Weeknd, and A$AP Rocky joining in, was the catalyst for Drizzy to respond with his recent diss tracks “Push Ups” and “Taylor Made Freestyle.”

Drake has dissed Kanye West multiple times before, namely in 2018’s “Duppy Freestyle” and 2021’s “7am on Bridle Path,” so it won’t come as a shock if he throws more bars Ye’s way. His “20 v 1” line on “Push Ups” is aging well.