Kai Cenat Responds To Ye Calling Him An “Industry Plant”

Kai Cenat has issued a response to Ye after the rapper dissed his rise to fame. The streamer shared his thoughts on his feud with the artist, formerly known to the world as Kanye West, on a broadcast with his followers.

“Who the f**k is Kai Cent?” yelled the 22-year-old after playing a clip of Ye seemingly mispronouncing his name. “Okay buddy first things first, Ye. I have been doing this sh*t since 2018. Facebook. Me. Bronx. Funny Skits. Been doing this sh*t Ye. You feel me!”

All because a lot of people,” he continued before abruptly stopping his explanation. “Man, f**k that! The pants ain’t fit, my ni**a! God damn. Why is he arguing bruh? Man, what the f**k? Bro, Ye, just send me some new pants bro. All of this cuz the panIs ain’t fit?… Ye just send me some new pants bro. Like no cap… I’m far from an industry plant. I done got this sh*t out the mud. People gotta do some research.”

The “Jesus Walks” performer labeled Cenat an “industry plant” during an interview earlier this month with Justin LaBoy during an episode of The Download podcast. In the discussion, the 46-year-old referenced the viral streamer’s review of overly-sized VULTURES sweatpants.

“If you’re posting something negative, you’re just on the wrong side of the future because…. we out here stepping away from Adidas. Like, the sh*t that Kai sent, that’s some industry plant sh*t,” shared the Yeezy brand creator.

“That exact genre is the most industry plants… it’s about like influence and mind control.”

Their initial disagreement after Cenat’s video regarding the pants went viral featured similar accusations from the Chicago native against the Gen Z influencer.

“Don’t make no jokes about my clothes… When you ain’t saying nothing about what Adidas is doing…When Vulture’s song came out you ain’t play my verse… You controlled. Don’t play with me,” wrote Ye to Cenat after the comical clip.

A confused Cenat countered, “wtf did I do,” before Ye’s manager John Monopoly attempted to diffuse the situation.