Kage Sends Listeners Into 'Oblivion' In A Groovy Fashion With His Newest EP – FUXWITHIT

Making a huge impact on CONFESSION once again, Kage returns with his brand new EP called, Oblivion! A two-track project filled with non-stop action, mind-blowing patterns, and more. Taking his skills and workflow to a whole new level! And if you haven’t familiarized yourself with his past work, definitely take the time and dive in. You’ll find he’s been around for a while now. Conquering each piece with his unique and groovy touch within the spectrum. Perfect for those dark and vibrant dance floors. Captivating listeners one by one.

Kage has been slithering through the industry and making big moves. Teaming up with incredible labels such as CONFESSION, Monstercat, and more has put his vision on the map. Creating a well-known name for himself and inspiring his art to only be the highest of qualities. He’s even collaborated with some heavy hitters such as ANGELZ, Snavs, and Qlank. Learning new skills and techniques along the way to improve his adaptability within his workflow. And with this newest EP, he’s bringing in even more unique sound design, nifty arrangements, and heavy atmospheres.

The Oblivion¬†EP is an ominous and intoxicating packed gem. It highlights Kage’s dark and grimy style while also catering to all house fans everywhere. Showcasing his evolution throughout the years with hypnotizing bass lines, light but impactful drums, and of course, some playful sound design that touches you to the core. Making you dance wherever you are in the world. And thanks to his intricate thinking and song arrangements, he’s yet again created another priceless sound artifact.

With the first track, ‘Oblivion,’ it really makes a perfect first impression for the rest of the EP. Drawing you in and making you stay throughout the whole journey. Cinematic environments mixed with high-quality rhythms make this an instant club anthem for anyone looking for fresh organic house music. And his second and last piece, ‘Alchemy,’ has almost a techno flair to it. Constant motion and synths running wild really take you to a new dimension. Completely captivated from beginning to end. This is definitely some of Kage’s finest work yet no doubt. Bringing complete honor to the house genre as a whole. So make sure to go support this legend by streaming The Oblivion¬†EP everywhere via CONFESSION!