Juelz Santana Responds To Ma$e, Cam’ron Questioning His Career Moves

Juelz Santana has responded to Cam’ron and Ma$e after they questioned his rap career moves.

During an interview with The Art of Dialogue, the “Gangsta Muzik” emcee was asked about being labeled “lazy” for not releasing more music in his prime. Juelz quickly dismissed the “lazy” label and firmly asserted that Cam and Ma$e didn’t use that descriptor. Humbly, the Harlemite then expressed what hindered his productivity in the early to late 2000’s. 

“I don’t wanna say Jay-Z because I never tried to be Jay-Z. I was always just trying to be me,” Santana expressed. “And a lot of people were claiming King of New York. My whole thing was I was the prince of the city. I never wanted that king spot. But, I was that ni**a. So, being that ni**a, I understand what [Cam’ron] is saying…I definitely coulda been way further than I am. But I don’t ever blame nobody. I blame myself for anything that held me back.”

“You could never say I was lazy. If you look at my track record in the game, I didn’t put out albums, but for whatever reason, [political] reasons, I didn’t put out albums, I still gave hella music. Look at my mixtape track record…It was a lot of games being played. Our game was to not turn in an album…if Def Jam was dropping the ball.”

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Cam and Ma$e’s original comments arrived in November 2023. During an interview with Million Dollarz Worth of Game, Gillie and Wallo asked about Santana. The former Bad Boy artist explained that, while he wasn’t talking to Cam at the time, he thought Juelz was gonna reach “Hov level.” Cam agreed and opined that Juelz had the “it factor” as a rapper: he was fly, ladies loved him, and he could rap. The It Is What It Is host then explained what he saw for Santana in detail, and how it fell apart. 

“He could’ve been all these young ni**as’ father, uncle, whatever you wanna call it. The chicks liked him, he could rap, he was fly. He had every element you needed to be that ni**a. I wouldn’t say [he had] poor work ethic, but I’m just not sure why. Juelz is sitting there with 300 songs in his hard drive and won’t put it out.”

Watch Juelz Santana’s response above.