Joyner Lucas Reveals He Dated Ashanti For 2 Years: “She’s An Amazing Person”

Joyner Lucas appeared on the Jason Lee Show where he made the surprising revelation that he once dated Ashanti. The two musicians—who share an age gap of eight years—dated for two years, and according to Lucas, he gravitated to her because “older women understand certain sh*t that young women don’t.”

“It was dope. She’s a really dope person, she really is. She’s an amazing person,” he told Lee. “I’m a private ni**a. I don’t talk about it. But what I will say is that she’s an amazing person and [I’m] super happy for her. She’s about to have a baby. I know how much she wanted to be a mom.”

When asked if he ever wanted to start a family with the “Baby” singer, he admitted, “I mean, we had those conversations. I wasn’t at a place in my life where I wanted that at that time. We talked about a lot of sh*t.” Admitting that he did love her, he added, “She’s a very easy person to be in love with.”

Since then, Ashanti has rekindled her love with her former beau, Nelly, and the two are reportedly expecting their first child. Lucas spoke on witnessing his old flame’s new life events and how happy he is for her. He also recalled why they didn’t work out.

“I knew that what she wanted and what she needed? I don’t feel like I could’ve fulfilled that at that time,” he said. “‘Shanti been in the game for 25 years; I [had] just got in the game. I know what she wanted and what she needed. I don’t feel like I was in a place in my life where I could commit to that, and that’s about it.”

“But, you know, I’m happy she got [her] way,” he added. “I’m happy that she spun the block with Nelly, and now she’s having a baby. She’s gonna be an amazing mom. I would tell her that all the time.”

Ashanti and Nelly arrive at E11EVEN Miami during the 10th Anniversary of E11EVEN celebration on February 2, 2024 in Miami, Florida.

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Lucas also noted that they didn’t “have a lot of problems” in their relationship, praising it for not being “all about sex” and more on an “intellectual level.”

The two musicians first sparked dating rumors in 2020 after Lucas dropped his music video for “Fall Slowly,” starring the 43-year-old.

While appearing on The Breakfas​​t Club shortly after, Ashanti admitted that she was seeing a guy at the time but denied that it was Joyner Lucas.

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“What are you talking about, Charlamagne? Why would you say that?” she said at the time before dropping hints of a romance after.

“I wanna have kids next year! Hopefully homie does the right thing! #fallingforyou,” she tweeted out.

Take a look at Joyner Lucas’ full interview with Jason lee below.

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