Joe Budden And Candace Owens’ Forthcoming Podcast Episode Has The People Talking

Joe Budden does a good enough job of stirring up controversy on his own, but his next move may be his most scrutinized yet. The retired rapper has a podcast episode with Candace Owens coming soon, and the people have thoughts.

The eponymous podcast host gave the conservative commentator her flowers for the work she does in the political space and was interested in speaking at length with her, though he doubted if she would ever come on The Joe Budden Podcast. To his surprise, the 34-year-old author expressed she was willing to speak with him.

Budden and Owens move fast, because within days she posted a photo of the two of them together in a room that looked set up for a podcast episode. “It happened,” she wrote in the caption of her Instagram story. The internet, however, has mixed reactions on what this collaboration could be.

One X user discussed Joe Budden and Candace Owens working together, asking “Y’all don’t believe in sitting down with educated people with different views from your own? Some of y’all argue back and forth with strangers on the internet for free!” Another user quoted them and said “Candace Owens isn’t educated and nobody on the Joe Budden show is capable of challenging her. What’s the point?”

Another user defended the “Pump It Up” rapper being typecasted for hosting the controversial media personality. “It’s crazy people are talking about ‘Black men’s podcasts’ as source of right wing propaganda in response to Joe Budden interviewing Candace Owens, like Candace Owens isn’t a whole Black woman with a massive right wing platform,” they wrote.

A different user felt like people needed to redirect their frustrations to influential political institutions rather than Budden. “I’m no Candace Owens fan but you can’t be mad at Joe Budden having her on his podcast & not be mad at these Black churches that allow themselves to be used for Joe Biden re-election campaigns,” they wrote.

Candace Owens is infamously known for speaking ill of the Black community and aligning herself with Ben Shapiro, a fellow conservative. She also wore “White Lives Matter” shirts with Kanye West in the past, so the backlash certainly doesn’t come without context. Time will tell what her conversation with Joe Budden yields, and the subsequent responses.