JKuch Continues To Amaze On 'Little Bamboo' – FUXWITHIT

Ever since I discovered Jkuch‘s unique style of music, I have been continuously blown away by how innovative and fresh each new track he puts out is, and his production truly puts him in a league of his own. With releases on Subsidia, Phuture Collective, and Night Owl Collective, JKuch has proven that he is capable of hitting a wide range of sounds, styles, and delivering emotional tracks in a manner very few producers have done before. Today, JKuch is dropping a brand new emotional rollercoaster, titled ‘Little Bamboo’ ft. QUO, where he continues to blow away audiences.

‘Little Bamboo’ begins with JKuch’s own vocals, which I need to say are spot on and to have a producer perform their own vocals really adds depth to the track. The lyrics of ‘Little Bamboo’ are extremely moving and feel very personal, like JKuch is sharing a part of his soul and story, and QUO’s verse and background vocals are absolutely breathtaking and so soft and smooth, the lyrics just melt away from his mouth. The way JKuch manages to mix pop with electronic on ‘Little Bamboo’ is truly magical and creates a special union between the two genres that I didn’t think could exist. The production is typical JKuch; slightly wonky, yet carrying an insane amount of emotion through the melody, and nobody can do it as well as he does. JKuch has once again delivered a track that has me head over heels before I even finish my first listen.

Check out ‘Little Bamboo’ ft. QUO below, and be sure to keep an eye on JKuch in the future.

JKuch · Little Bamboo (feat. QUO)