J. Cole And His Bike Spotted All Around NYC, Seen Writing New Verses On Notepad

If there’s one thing J. Cole is going to do, it’s get on his bike and take a ride through the streets of New York City. The North Carolina rapper was spotted again this month doing just that, and he seems to be working on some new songs in the process.

In a sequence of reposts by the @TeamDreamville fan account, recent clips show a group of fans pulling up on Jermaine Cole earlier this week and expressing their excitement to see him. Another video showed Cole calmly sitting on a bench in a park while jotting things down on a notepad and nodding his head to a beat.

This impromptu meet and greet isn’t a rare occurrence, as the “No Role Modelz” spitter has been spontaneously spotted time and time again by fans all over the city. By now, it’s become an endearing running joke among him and his fanbase to catch him while they can. Check out the clips below.

Aside from riding around the Big Apple, the Dreamville head honcho was also seen last month chilling by himself on the beach. Instead of just writing bars down, he was seemingly recording and/or mixing some songs, as he had his laptop and headphones with him.

What made the beach spotting newsworthy was that, at the time, it was right in the middle of Drake and Kendrick Lamar’s intense rap beef. Cole was involved because of his participation in “First Person Shooter,” where the “Big 3” was mentioned, which is what prompted Kendrick to respond on “Like That.” Cole removed himself by infamously apologizing during his set at the 2024 Dreamville Festival. The move initially sparked a lot of backlash, but now, many fans have agreed it may have been the right move.

After trading scathing disses to each other back and forth, the battle came to an unofficial end on June 19 with K. Dot’s legendary The Pop Out: Ken And Friends show in Los Angeles.