Ivy Lab Deliver Masterfully Crafted ‘Infinite Falling Ground’ LP

Ivy Lab need no introduction. The London-based duo have been at the forefront of the bass music scene and beyond for years now, and have become expert curators both in terms of audio output and live events. Last week, Ivy Lab unveiled the newest chapter to their sonic expedition, namely the fourteen-track Infinite Falling Ground LP via their own Twenty Twenty London Recordings. Not that fans needed more proof, but the latest endeavour from the duo serves to further solidify them among the elite in the beat-making scene as they explore the multitude of intersections between hip hop and bass.

In all, Infinite Falling Ground spans just shy of fifty minutes, but it takes much more than that to fully appreciate the project as a whole. As I listened to the album on repeat over the last three days, I found something new to enjoy with each subsequent repetition. The album is extremely easy to listen to, but not in the plain-background-music type of way. It’s engulfing and intriguing, with a balance of uplifting tones and grungy cuts that flow seamlessly from start to finish.

‘Everythingmustchange,’ ‘Q.Nix,’ ‘NOVV’ and ‘Merlot’ should not be new to Ivy Lab fans, having been released as part of different projects in the past. However, their re-release and inclusion in Infinite Falling Ground provide a tasteful reminder of just how well Ivy Lab tunes age. Whether it’s dreamy lo-fi or sinister hip hop beats, the duo are able to craft tracks with an extended shelf life, attesting to their seasoned production mastery. As for the remainder of the songs, there is no doubt that each listener will find a few (or more) favourites, as the ensemble is just so exquisitely put together.

Talking about the formation of the project, Ivy Lab state, “In January 2022 under the cloud of both of our own distinct crises, we both revealed some deeply held secrets to one another about our habits. By March this LP was written.Infinite Falling Ground is beautiful insight into this deeply personal moment for the duo. Dive in below.