il:lo Help Us Escape Reality With 'Aija' – FUXWITHIT

il:lo has proven to be some major game changers within the melodic spectrum. The arrangements and story telling aspects through their art has helped many overcome so much. From gentle drums, to star striking melodies, they’re a true force to be reckoned with. And now they’re back with a brand new single called, ‘Aija.’ A song which has a ton amount of soul and emotion. Produced back when this monumental pandemic struck, they wanted to capture what they, along with everyone in the world was feeling. And they did a perfect job achieving their vision.

Aija was produced at the beginning of the pandemic. It was a time full of uncertainty. You can hear that in the song the intro and the verses are pretty nostalgic and sad and the chorus sounds more energetic, it’s like a call to keep hoping and a way to escape this sad reality. – il:lo

As said by the artists themselves, ‘Aija’ is a feeling of doubt and hope. Within the beginning of the world falling apart, il:lo captured those emotions and thought processes through soft and comforting elements. Incorporating an airy atmosphere of uncertainty and upbringing was a wonderful way to start this piece. It immediately grips the audience with every might. Continuing along with easy-going percussion and drums, they strike the heartstrings of their listeners each second. And throwing in the gorgeous and impactful vocal really helped carry the song along. The power and bond these two hold is stronger than ever. It’s nothing but heartwarming and memorable to say the least. It’s their way of telling everyone how things will get better. The only thing we have right now is hope and perseverance. Make sure to go support their newest single by streaming ‘Aija’ everywhere via bitbird.

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