Iglooghost Explores Modern Take On Lost Traditions In 'Lei Line Eon' – FUXWITHIT

Unexpected sources of inspiration often lead to the most unique and beautiful art, and there is no denying that Iglooghost‘s latest album, Lei Line Eon, falls square into this category. In late November of last year, the Dorset-based artist released a short documentary about Lei Music, a lost tradition native to his hilltop birthplace. In Iglooghost’s words, “this special genre has the ability to summon strange, squeaking entities from invisible zones. These songs are transcribed to special discs called ‘Lei Disks’ – and are now hoarded & traded obsessively by modern-day collectors. There is no clear explanation of why the performance of Lei Music has such extraordinary effects. Some believe it could be related to a variety of properties unique to Dorset – such as the high concentration of towering granite artefacts, floating pebble circles, and nearby landmarks’ alignments with otherworldly phenomena. The musical instruments that were traditionally played are suspected to have stimulated geoglyphic ley lines – and inadvertently operated as tools that created small rifts between worlds.”

Lost traditions often build the most insatiable curiosities within people, as the desire to understand what motivated our ancestors to live and what allowed them to enjoy their lives is incredibly fascinating. For Iglooghost, this drive led to the creation of an entire album, where the artist has modernized Lei Music into a riveting ten-track project that is equally rooted in tradition as it is hyper-futuristic in its approach.

Although this is not a blog centered around Lei Music, we’ve come to develop a magnificent admiration for Lei Line Eon, and thought it should not go unrecognized. Despite using the lost tradition to build a foundation for the album, Iglooghost erects monumental soundscapes through his ability to blend a wide variety of musical elements in each one of the tracks that comprise the ensemble. Those familiar with Iglooghost will immediately recognize his signature sounds and styles that weave between future bass, trap, hyper pop and everything in between, but it’s the attention to detail, the intricate musicality and the sonic cohesion from start to finish that make Lei Line Eon Iglooghost’s best work to date. Explore below.