ICYMI Juche Has Released Two Masterworks ‘Float’ And ‘Everfiled’

I know I’m very late with this review. By taking the time to write this article I’m going against the common thought that renders blog articles ineffectual if not published in conjunction with the release of the featured track. I am aware of it, but every now and then I pretend to be able to not give a damn about timing, the SEO score and marketing purposes. When I fall in love with a song I really feel the need to externalize this feeling, and every time I remember how lucky I am to be able to rely on a platform like FUXWITHIT instead of having to limit myself to a tweet or social stories.

In this case, the pleasure doubles as the tracks in question are actually two, ‘Float’ and ‘Everfield,’ and the brilliant mind behind these two works of art is that of Juche. Short recap for those unfamiliar with him: Juche is one of the veterans of the wave movement, one of the best, most consistent and most prolific producers in the scene that also grinds massive numbers on both SoundCloud and Spotify. As happened to Liquid Ritual, he has been pretty quiet in the last trimester, but in March he pulled out these two magnificent singles. ‘Float’ and ‘Everfield’ mark a new chapter of Juche’s own “future love story” narration and seems to be just a prelude to a long series of new music coming this year.

I don’t intend to start long and bombastic descriptions, but sharing some notes is necessary, especially regarding ‘Float’. This is easily one of my favorite tunes of the year so far. The delicacy of the synths is divine. The chemistry between the instrumental and the vocals is magical. The piano chords are tear-dropping. The change of rhythm in the second drop is extremely simple but works miracles. The outro is enchanting. Everything is just perfect. ‘Everlfield’ is another gorgeous tune that has nothing to envy to the previous one. It’s technically flawless too and has a lot in common with ‘Float,’  fashionable outro included (in this case it never fails to remind me of the “outro” of Lana Del Rey’s ‘Arcadia’). The only element that can make a difference in comparing these two singles is our personal taste. Now it’s your turn. Whether you’ve already done so or not, immerse yourself right now in the magic world of Juche and share with us your thoughts about ‘Float’ and ‘Everfield’.