HYPERDAZE Builds A World Of Stranding Spirits With His 'Mind' LP – FUXWITHIT

Hailing from the melodic heavens, HYPERDAZE is here to turn your world upside down. For the first time ever, his hard work and dedication has led him into one of his biggest projects to date. His debut album, ‘Mind’ takes his advancements and studies to the next level. And into a world filled with hope and overcome. Plus he’s even recruited some insanely talented musicians to compliment the album as a whole. Artists such as Sasha Rome, mnstrm and more have all joined together to help HYPERDAZE bring his golden vision to life. You can easily sense his strong love and dedication to the arts as well as the scene from beginning to end. Resulting in one of the most unique albums this year. Leaving tears streaming down your face. Giving life to the ground below. Spreading across miles and miles.

The ‘Mind’ LP is a trippy garden of harmony. Each track has its’ own characteristics and features which spice up the experience for anyone listening. The crisp and high quality production truly represents the musician and his evolution through the years. The sheer amount of experience has shaped him into a powerhouse of talent.

The balance between star striking rhythms and mind bending sound design is nothing but healthy and natural. Flowing at a gentle yet powerful pace. A whole vault filled to the brim with priceless gems and riches. And the chemistry between him and his collaborators show real partnership within the musical realm. All of these qualities and more are what really make this body of work special. So if you want the real definition and full experience of a contemporary masterpiece, this album is what first comes to mind. Bravo to him and all the artists apart of this project. Make sure to go support by streaming the ‘Mind’ album everywhere!

HYPERDAZE ยท HYPERDAZE – MIND [LP] (Out Everywhere Friday, April 30th)