Hucci's Vocal Alias Truvian Grey Continues To Inspire Listeners With 'The Downs' And 'Different' – FUXWITHIT

Crafting masterpieces since day one, the trap don known as Hucci is the one we call upon to initiate that slow tempo trap vibe we all undeniably need in our lives. Expanding his creativity one beat at a time, Hucci has opened the doors to his new vocal project Truvian Grey which incorporates his very own vocal-heavy approach to his music while consistently maintaining a taste of the Hucci brand which remains somewhat dark and mysterious. Welcoming us into his world of soothing vocals and mesmerizing sound design, Truvian Grey has been taking over 2020 with a series of stunning releases including ‘SKYWALKER’ and ‘CATERPILLAR.’ Enabling an escape route to many and finding peace amidst the coronavirus crisis, Truvian Grey’s talents have been shining bright and he is back with two pioneering singles to prove that this producer is a legend of many talents. Inspiring listeners to stay motivated and true to themselves, Truvian Grey provides his unique perspective of chill-tempo electronic music alongside an R&B feel with the release of ‘The Downs’ and ‘Different’ featuring Ruidahh.

Providing a sense of calmness in ‘The Downs,’ Truvian Grey explores unique soundscapes and a series of prolonged frequencies to produce a soft melody too sweet to the ears. Instilling pure emotion with Truvian Grey’s pacifying vocals, listeners are welcomed into the peaceful atmosphere the artist has created. From a mystic chill-tempo production style to highlights of R&B, it feels as if Truvian Grey is connecting with his audience on a much deeper level.

Blessing listeners with a second single, Truvian Grey has called upon his best friend and talented rapper Ruidahh to combine both of their electronic and hip-hop talents in ‘Different.’ Flowing directly into gentle guitar chords and rattling synths, Truvian Grey’s captivating vocals bring listeners into this artist’s world of tranquility. Dropping all the bars, Ruidahh goes off with his classic vocals infused with hints of hip-hop rhythms to reassure listeners to continue to push forward no matter what challenges may come in life. A surprise release we never knew we needed until now, Truvian Grey and Ruiddah are the perfect match to compliment each other’s vocal abilities and ever-evolving sound design.