Hip-Hop Artist Tiing Inspires The Crowds With The Motivational Anthem “Options”  & The LP Lost Files

After releasing mesmerizing collection of songs under his projects Luciid : Deluxe and In Tune, Hip-Hop artist Tiing returns with a powerful LP titled Lost Files and the motivational single “Options.” 

Using music as a medium to empower people into fulfilling their highest potentials, Tiing believes that everyone has a purpose in this life, and his special mission is to live through love and share his vision through music. 

He opens up his heart and soul in every project he undertakes, and one quick listen to the track “Options” will convince even the most skeptical of urban music fans that he has something truly otherworldly going on in his art. 

Tiing reminds us that there’s something so magically unique in being alive, always keeping it true and authentic. Simply calling it different would be an understatement, as each of the 12 tracks listed on Lost Files paint a picture that along with the melodies grab a hold of our deepest inner core. 

“Thankful” featuring SG and “Elevate” are some of our favorite tracks from Lost Files,  so make sure to get familiar with the full collection of songs by the skilled creator Tiing. 

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