High Peaks Collective Channel The Forces Of Nature With Their ‘Marcy’ Compilation

Climbing the highest point in New York, High Peaks Collective show no mercy with their newest compilation, ‘Marcy.’ An absolute arsenal of high-powered weaponry from some of the hottest up-and-comers out there. Comprised of fourteen tracks, these sorcerers of dark magic have all shown their true forms to the world. Taking their signature tricks and abilities to form individual chapters of evolution. Each piece containing characteristics that listeners will absolutely adore and become inspired by. Honoring the label’s name and its purpose while opening your minds to a variety of tones.

The label and its team have proven time and time again how passionate they are for the arts. Releasing beautiful compositions from a long list of heavy-hitters. Working their way up to become a sheer force of strength within the underground. And their newest compilation is a stellar new chapter for everyone. Artists such as ADAME, Hearsay, UKEMI, ql1x x Kazantzakis, and many more have all been recruited to become a part of this beautiful vision and movement.

The Marcy compilation contains incredible new and returning talents. From classic trap sound design, experimental bass, and even wave-inspired environments, there’s a little something for everyone to enjoy. Creating an organic and wavy space of frequencies to the future. Every track has a distinctive rhythmic flow that matches the artist’s vision and drive for success. Easily gripping the audience from the first track to the last. Completely lifting you off your feet in the best ways possible. The label as well as its artists should truly feel proud of themselves for creating such a timeless body of work. Coming together as one to show off their skills and techniques. So make sure to go support them all by streaming the ‘Marcy’ compilation everywhere via High Peaks Collective!