Hekler Begins New Musical Chapter With 'One I Want' – FUXWITHIT

Most know Hekler for his catastrophic approach to heavy music, as the talented artist who has made his rounds on all of the bass scene’s biggest labels has previously concocted sounds capable of destroying the strongest of foundations. What people might not know about Shaun Bacus, though, is that the Las Vegas-native was once part of a full-fledged symphony, and that musicality runs deep within his veins.

Today, Hekler looks to turn to a new chapter of his musical endeavours, leaving behind his old self for something fresh and exciting – but drawing influence from his vast experience. About the change, Hekler states, “I’ve always felt lost musically and really never knew how to express myself as an artist. That has changed dramatically.” With the announcement of an album on the horizon and the first single, ‘One I Want,’ out today, Bacus is ready to take the scene by storm once again.

According to the artist, ‘One I Want’ is “a love song with ambient infectious melodies representing someone you love and showing them that they’re the one for you.” Featuring lush vocals from Misdom, ‘One I Want’ is one of few vocal-driven pieces from Hekler, but his ability to make these work over his pristine instrumentals does not go unnoticed. From painting a serene soundscape under Misdom’s lyrics, to taking the limelight with shimmering synths in the drop sections, Hekler creates an vividly emotional piece in his latest, attesting to his undeniable talent. Don’t miss ‘One I Want’ below.