Havoc Would Like These Two Actors To Play Mobb Deep In A Biopic

Havoc issued his choice for potential actors who could play Mobb Deep in a hypothetical biopic. The Queens native spoke to TMZ about the two actors and landed on two thespians from The Wire: Tray Chaney and JD Williams.  “I couldn’t find a better pair of iconic actors to portray and capture the legacy of Mobb Deep!!!” the Hip-Hop icon expressed. 

And while no Mobb Deep biopic has been officially announced, Tray has been campaigning for his role as Havoc, né Kejuan Waliek Muchita, for years. His most recent campaign saw the actor taking to Instagram to make some noise about getting the project greenlit.

“For the last 3 yrs I’ve been publicly speaking about portraying HAVOC & my brother Jd Williams portraying PRODIGY in a #MobbDeep #Biopic. (Proof is in old tweets/post) I won’t rest until this project GreenLit,” he typed on Instagram on Sunday (May 12). “The moment this happens THE BEARD HAS TO GO & I’m back to looking 15 yrs old! I’m Already In Shape & I’m SUPER #Focused #Dedicated #Committed! TRAY “MANIFESTATION” CHANEY! I mean just think…..I MANIFESTED my BMF ROLE! GOD Don’t Play Bout TRAY CHANEY.”

Before this, Tray posted a series of messages across his X/Twitter account over the years, attempting to “manifest” the Mobb Deep biopic. One of the oldest posts arrived in 2019. The BMF actor explained that he has been in the lab studying the two emcees’ catalog, mannerisms, and demeanor to get into the mindset of the legendary Queensbridge act. “Been studying @MobbDeep music lately & I’m putting it into the universe if they planning on doing a BIOPIC I’m playing HAVOC @mobbdeephavoc & my brother JD Williams playing PRODIGY! Who wants to see this happen? If so let’s make it happen ASAP y’all seen my rap/acting skills,” he typed. 

Havoc’s partner in rhyme, Prodigy, passed away in 2017. Since then, the emcee has been holding down the brand’s legacy. The next step in celebrating their careers would be taking their story to the big screen, and what a coincidence that 50 Cent, the group’s former label boss, recently opened up a new film studio in Louisiana. Let’s see what happens next!