Guilt Chip & Low Poly Team For Their Show-Stopping Single 'Blaster'

The modern world of electronic music has become a vast ocean of releases that can sometimes cause a significant obstacle in an up-and-coming artist’s career. One artist that has seemingly slashed through the modern monotony of electronic music is the eccentric bass-oriented Oklahoma-native Guilt Chip. Through his very technical approach to production, Guilt Chip consistently raises the bar with these wild soundscapes that are full of some of the most insane texture and sound design you’ll hear right now. Every sound in a Guilt Chip record seems to perfectly contrast one another, creating a rich atmosphere full of fresh sounds. This time the rising star teams up with fellow boundary-pushing producer Low Poly for their energy-packed anthem ‘Blaster’.

We begin with these beautiful chaotic glitchy elements that are soon joined by these up-tempo claps right before these hectic jungle flows carry the percussion throughout the intro and build-up. Soon after we’re launched into this manic drop section that almost feels like a welcomed fever dream, full of what can only be described as heavily saturated and modular leads that seem to jump all over the place. These elements combined with pounding percussion flows throughout make for a must-listen experience for any fan of bass music. Check out the whole thing down below.