Guest Mix + Interview – Dropwizz – FUXWITHIT

Toronto-based Dropwizz has been a FUXWITHIT favourite ever since he landed in our Focus Five segment back in 2018. Since then we’ve premiered a number of heaters from the talent and had the pleasure of him playing our six year anniversary party. He’s easily one of brightest stars in the Canadian trap and bass scene and release after release he’s proven why. For those unfamiliar, now is the perfect time to get acquainted as Dropwizz drops off a heavy new mix that’s almost exclusively his own productions, including some unreleased heat. We also caught up for an interview to discuss how he started producing, his other aliases, his upcoming EP and much more! Listen below.

What should we expect from the mix?

Overall I wanted to showcase my sound and what I have to offer in the realm of trap and bass music. The mix includes mostly my own work, with a few unreleased ID’s from myself and some fellow local talent.

I even gave up once and uninstalled FL LOL, but my perseverance kicked in. I gave it another go, and so many years later here I am.

Tell us a little bit about your background. How did you get into music? What made you decide you needed to start producing? Was there a specific moment? 

I got into electronic music at the age of 12, it was largely thanks to my uncle who was a DJ in Australia. I would often go through his record collection and borrow a few that I liked. That is when I was first introduced to house music which immediately caught my ear. I knew I had to discover more of it but it was difficult at the time given my financial capacity and access to broadband internet. A few years passed and I was able to finally have access to a decent internet connection. I got back into house music and started discovering producers such as Afrojack, Hardwell, Deadmau5 and really got into the scene which expanded my taste.

I developed a strong drive to DJ so I went ahead and downloaded Virtual DJ to attempt mixing the music I had collected. I enjoyed my time learning the art of DJing but there came a point in time when I just felt like mixing was not cutting it for me anymore. I wanted to make my own music and express myself, so I pirated FL Studio ;). At first it was extremely frustrating learning the software and skills to produce. I even gave up once and uninstalled FL LOL, but my perseverance kicked in. I gave it another go, and so many years later here I am.

What’s your experience been like as an up-and-coming artist in Toronto? Has the community embraced you? Have you been able to get the opportunities you’d hoped for? 

All in all it has not been too shabby, I have played gigs here and there and have met great local talent who I now call my friends. We all support each other and come together like a community. In terms of opportunities, I do not think they have been the greatest but I blame that on my poor networking skills. Sometimes it takes more than just the music. I hope to pursue my music career more and bring forth more opportunities in the near future for myself.

Your sound tends to drift between classic trap influence and darker experimental bass. Do you prefer one over the other? 

I do not have a preference hence why I drift in between the two. I come from a hip-hop and rap musical upbringing, so I love maintaining my trap side while fusing it with electronic bass to create my own distinct sound.

You also produce house music under your Kavi alias. How has expanding the music you create impacted you as an artist? Have there been benefits from branching out? 

I have had a few aliases in the past that are now discontinued projects, although my Kavi project is something dear to me as it lets me continue to produce my first love which is House music. I wanted to branch out so I can focus specifically on trap and bass under Dropwizz.

What inspired your Seven Deadly Sins series? Are you a religious person?

I am not a religious person per say, although I do take the good out of anything I come across. I believe the Seven Deadly Sins are something that should be embraced as a moral compass. But I also watched the anime, which is why I made the EP, HAHAHA.

You’ve remixed a lot of G Jones tracks. What makes you keep going back to rework his tracks?  Can you talk a little bit about your admiration for him as an artist. 

I have reworked quite a number of his tracks, mainly due to how much he has inspired me as an artist as well as a human being. His sound showed me that it’s cool to break barriers and experiment, but mostly his specific style is what really drew me into his music. This developed my fascination and led me to become the fan I am today.

I have a brand new EP releasing this year which I think will reflect my sound at this given time. It is something I’m quite proud of so I am stoked for everyone to hear it.

What do you have planned musically for the rest of the year? 

I have a brand new EP releasing this year which I think will reflect my sound at this given time. It is something I’m quite proud of so I am stoked for everyone to hear it. I have included a couple of the tunes in the mix so enjoy! I also have a few more collaborations for the year and as always more remixes and flips.

2020 has been a dark year for a wide range of reasons. Have there been any bright spots for you?

The industry and the world as a whole took a huge blow this year, something that no one expected..or did they? Nevertheless, it is extremely unfortunate! To be honest there has not been anything worth mentioning from my end, but I do hope there will be in the near future.


Dropwizz x Wanden – Envy
Dropwizz x The Kngdom – Karma
Dropwizz x Savagez – The Temple
Dropwizz – Poison
Dropwizz – Lust
Dropwizz x DJ Ride – Sedative
Dropwizz – Greed
Dropwizz – Ball So Hard
Getter – Head Splitter (Dropwizz Flip)
Peekaboo – Whistleblower (Dropwizz Flip)
Dropwizz – ID
Lukav – ID
Sevla – ID
Rl Grime – Arcus (Dropwizz Flip)
Dropwizz x Prav – Espionage (IKYGUY Remix)
Dropwizz – ID
G Jones – Lavender Town (Dropwizz Flip)
Minnesota – Thunderdome Ft. G Jones (Dropwizz Flip)
Dropwizz – ID
Flux Pavilion – Bass Cannon (ID Flip)
Joyryde & Skrillex – Agen Wida (Dropwizz Flip)
G Jones – Dark Artifact (Dropwizz Flip)
Techa – Kensei
G Jones & Ekali – Dark Matter (Dropwizz Flip)
Deadmau5 – Avarita (Dropwizz Edit)