Guest Mix + Interview – DMVU – FUXWITHIT

Looking to sprinkle some eccentric, yet delicate vibes into your day? DMVU & FUXWITHIT have you covered. Bursting onto the scene 4 years ago in tremendous fashion with his jaw-dropping banger ‘Bloccd‘ that garnered support from every corner of the industry in sets, along with a throng of star-studded remixes. DMVU quickly followed that up with a robust remix of Yheti’s ‘Crack the Window‘ and solidified his spot as one of the most impressive and forward-thinking producers in the game. Taking a marked divergence from his more bass-heavy, teeth-grinding productions of the past, just over a month ago he released Praise Be the Ripple Or, The Ripple, a lush, downtempo thoroughfare of immense proportions. Now, he’s “back on the block” once more, being the 149th installment of our guest mix and interview series. We took a deep dive into his project up to this point, his latest album, and what’s on the table for the future, along with the guest mix being entirely original and mostly unreleased. Grab some headphones or a fine sound system, relax, and press play.

In another interview you mentioned that you were initially blown away that music could be made entirely through the use of a computer. How did you grow from a creative, energetic noobie into the master craftsman that you’ve become today? What have been the most important turning points in your life and career?

There have definitely been a handful. Taking the piano seriously was a big one. Also being on tour was a big one because it really changed the way I produced music. I was writing mostly for a live setting at that point, while now being stuck at home the last thing I’m thinking about when writing is live music.

…I’m trying to convey other than it’s OK to feel things. And I honestly think I’m trying to convey that more to myself and to others…

Your latest album Praise Be Delusion or, The Ripple is a lush, downtempo emotional thoroughfare of immense proportions. What’s the significance behind the name, and what were you trying to convey to your audience through the hour-long journey?

I don’t know if there’s something in particular that I’m trying to convey other than it’s OK to feel things. And I honestly think I’m trying to convey that more to myself and to others ha ha ha. There was a lot of emotion and those songs and if people can relate to that then I think I’ve done my job.

You recently tweeted that you played piano on every single track on the album, and that it has more live instrumentation than any other project you’ve released. Have you always played the piano? And what made you decide to make live instruments such a large component of this particular body of work?

There’s been a piano in my house as long as I can remember. I played drums as my first instrument and took that very seriously, but when there’s a piano around you just kind of tend to eventually take a stab at it. I played it a decent amount more than usual over the past few years but since quarantine started I’ve heard all the time to practice and it has been super helpful for me and my music.

You first joined Dome of Doom last year with the release of your immaculate Two Pairs of Eyes, Gazing Only at Each Other. How did you originally get connected with them, and what made you want to release your latest body of work with them as well?

If I remember correctly Ahee, a mutual friend of our hooked me up with Wylie. I was trying to find a way to sell a sample pack I had made on supplies and Chris told me this was the guy. After talking for a bit I realized that I had really been enjoying his label’s releases for a long time. Eventually, I sent him some music that pretty much everyone else turned down, which turned into two pairs of eyes.

It really feels like the old days. I’m actually very grateful for it.

With live performances being put on hold for the entire past year, life has made producers take a step back and remember what’s important to them and why they do what they do. What are some things that you hold especially dear?

Not being on tour has definitely given me time to write music like I used to when I just dropped out of high school. Pretty much sat in front of the computer day and night trying new things and making sounds and playing piano. It really feels like the old days. I’m actually very grateful for it.

Some people find peace through their work, through meditation, or through quality time with their friends. Where do you find your peace?

I really find it through just sitting down and working on music with zero expectations. Not trying to write music for shows or write a song for an album or make a mix. Literally just sitting down and playing the piano and maybe something cool will come from the melody and I can get a song out of it. If not it doesn’t matter because it’s art for art’s sake.

You’re stuck on a deserted island for the rest of your life and can only bring along 3 albums to hold you over for the rest of your time there. What 3 albums do you choose and why?

Oh easy. Instrumentals Volume one by Clams Casino. The original Blade Runner soundtrack. And Selected Ambient Works by Aphex twin. All of those records have something different to offer while all being pretty chill in their own way. Clams Casino is hands-down my favorite producer in the entire world. Also love the Blade Runner soundtrack, really cool kind of early electronica stuff. And Selected Ambient Works would just be there to help me keep my sanity.

Nowadays I try to worry much less about what other people are doing but I’m only human so that only goes so far.

It seems that Denver is an exceptional hot-bed for exceedingly talented bass music producers. What’s it like living there, and do you find all that company intimidating or motivating?

Growing up here it was definitely extremely intimidating. I think it’s actually one of the things that motivated me to try so hard. There was a lot I had to keep up with and it was constantly evolving, so I found myself trying to do the same. Nowadays I try to worry much less about what other people are doing but I’m only human so that only goes so far. I find it really inspiring to live in an area with so many talented artists. Whether they are producers or DJs or painters or film makers. We have it all here.

When you’re in a creative rut, what aids you in taking a mental step back and resetting before diving back into your workflow?

I really like movies and reading. Soundtracks can get me really inspired to try new things. I also live right on some wilderness with a river and I think that in itself is pretty inspiring.

As long as I am happy and can pay the rent I think that really is the pinnacle of success.

What does success look like to you? And, what are some things you do daily in order to achieve it?

To me success just looks like being able to cover my bills and maybe have a little bit left over for weed, by doing what I love. As long as I am happy and can pay the rent I think that really is the pinnacle of success. Being able to pay the bills so you have time on your hands to work on your craft is really the dream isn’t it?

In recent years especially, the question of artistic freedom and following trends have been brought up frequently. What’s your personal take on those issues?

I’m firm that censorship is the end of art. There has been things in art that I don’t agree with but my trick is to just not listen to it. When people try to strip away the ability to truly express via art, it’s pretty much an instant death sentence. There’s a lot of things in this world that a lot of us don’t agree with but taking it on they trying to suppress creativity is the complete wrong way to go about it.

You pretty heavily teased a new merch line to go along with the new album. Can you give us any idea of when fans might be getting some information on that? 

Oh yeah, I’m super excited about this one. I can’t reveal too much but I listened to what people said they wanted and just kind of went with that. Without giving away too much I can confirm that with you got leggings and joggers on the way. I had my friend Sean design them and they match the aesthetic of both my last albums super well. He’s a very talented designer.

What’s next on the horizon for you?

More than I can handle ha ha ha. But actually lots of good stuff. We have been discussing getting two pairs of eyes pressed this year. Also have a handful of EPs in the works. Some not-so-chill ones also. And also spending every day praying that someday I’ll get to play a normal show hahaha.

You prepared quite the vibe-driven guest mix for us today! Can you tell us how you settled on that distinct aesthetic and energy, and what you wanted to showcase with it?

I was kind of shooting to showcase some tracks that didn’t quite make the cut on the album, what songs I still really enjoy and had a great time making. 

Tracklist: (*signifies unreleased)

DMVU – We Both Know*
DMVU – Moon Mask
DMVU x Transiit- Inspiration (Fireplace)*
DMVU – Alone*
DMVU – Creature Comforts
DMVU – Fold Ur Heart*
DMVU – My Foolish Heart*
DMVU x Finnoh – Falling Eights*
DMVU x Finnoh – Where Did I Go*
DMVU – Novacane*