Guest Mix + Interview – cozy kev – FUXWITHIT

cozy kev has steadily become a favorite among the FUXWITHIT team and fans alike. His vibey, future beat sound fuses lush soundscapes, powerful feels, and no shortage of knock. His breakout album complacency showcased his wealth of talent with collaborations alongside some of the best rising producers including LYNY, capshun, chromonicci, knick, Roto and more. He recently dropped his first sample pack and officially joined our friends at Bonsai Collective. With an even bigger year ahead, we felt it was due time to connect with cozy kev for a guest mix + interview.

The mix is a true showcase of his talent with every song coming from the producer himself. With the large portion of the mix being unreleased IDs, it’s an absolute can’t miss. As for the interview we spoke to kev about why he makes music, what makes a good collab, what a perfect day looks like to him, and what’s on the horizon. Check both out below.

Tell us about the mix. Where are you taking listeners with this?

Well, I wanted to show off a few WIPs (some unmixed) that are capable of displaying my progression as an artist!

Why do you make music?

At first it was more of a naive ego driven goal, but eventually I got good enough to realize my music heals which was amazing! This changed my whole incentive for the cozy kev project.

The majority of the songs off of complacency are collaborations. What do you enjoy most about working with other artists?

The ability to bounce ideas has come very natural to me, and it’s good to challenge myself to adapt to other artists’ styles and try to execute as best as I can.

What makes a good collab?

I think a wide range of dynamics and change throughout a song that simultaneously showcases each artists craft is always a good approach to a collaboration.

A number of your tracks include your own vocals. How do you balance being a producer and singer? Do you find yourself being pulled more towards one or the other?

Yes! In fact, it has become so crucial that every day I wake up, I choose one path or the other. It seems like madness in the moment but it’s the very thing keeping me balanced.

Do you think being a producer has made you a better singer or vice-versa?

Yes for both. My right hand, lead capability would be nothing without my voice.

After meeting them and some other Bonsai members in real life I felt like I belonged with them.

Congrats on joining the BONSAI roster. What made you want to be a part of their team? What does that relationship look like now?

Capshun found me at around 700 followers. Things weren’t looking good musically and I was ready to quit. If it weren’t for him and Chromonicci reaching out to me, I wouldn’t have seen potential in myself. After meeting them and some other Bonsai members in real life I felt like I belonged with them. They were very welcoming and mature so it was very easy to join Bonsai as Cap made it clear I was welcome from the start. Now I’m getting to know the other members and we are creating opportunities for each other which is always exciting.

You said that you’re sitting on some of the best music you’ve ever made right now. When should fans expect to hear it? Are you planning to drop singles or is another project in the works?

These next few months are going to be insane! Expect a lot from me. I will be dropping mostly singles and collaborations with other artists/collectives on projects and EPs.

Seeing the Yosemite waterfalls with my best friend while making music on my laptop right next to the falls was one of the best days of my life!

What’s a perfect day look like to you?

One filled with music, friends and outdoor time. Seeing the Yosemite waterfalls with my best friend while making music on my laptop right next to the falls was one of the best days of my life!

With spring and summer on the horizon is there anything you’re hoping to get out of the next few months?

Mostly singles and a few dream collabs being fulfilled 🙂

Any final words for fans?

You’re support is my drive to continue pushing to my fullest capability! I’m lucky to have such loyal and inspiring fans that can see me from my vulnerable artist state and understand me to an extent. It’s a beautiful sight honestly. As I said earlier, expect nothing but progression from me in the future.

0-2:54 – cozy kev – ID
2:54 – 4:58 – cozy kev – westside
4:58 – 6:20 – cozy kev ft. ohgoddc – ID
6:20 – 7:04 – cozy kev ft legend – ID
7:04 – 8:09 – cozy kev – ID
8:09 – 9:30 – cozy kev – cozy kit vol 1
9:30 – 12:04 – cozy kev ft. knick – distantworlds.
12:04 – 13:00 – cozy kev – ID
13:02 – 15:15 – cozy kev – black enzo
15:15 – 16:30 – cozy kev ft milye & knick – ID
16:30 – 18:48 – cozy kev ft keeth – ID
18:48 – 20:37 – cozy kev ft LYNY – automatic
20:37 – 21:53 – cozy kev – ID
21:53 – 23:54 – cozy kev – ID
23:54 – 25:34 – cozy kev – ID
25:34 – 26:02 – cozy kev – ID
26:02 – end – cozy kev ft. ellzo – ID