GloRilla Refuses To Talk Politics On CNN After Meeting Pres. Biden And VP Kamala Harris

GloRilla was invited to the White House this week in celebration of Women’s History Month, and has since reflected on her experience meeting President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, declining to discuss politics during her CNN sit-down.

When asked about endorsing President Biden or getting voters to the polls, the CMG artist refused to “talk politics” during her appearance on Laura Coates Live. “That ain’t got nothing to do with me,” Glo replied before singing “I’m just living my life like it’s golden” — referencing Jill Scott’s 2004 smash. 

“I’m not gonna talk politics, I love the president, I love everybody. But at the end of the day, the day gotta end,” she hilariously said.

The “Yeah Glo” rapper also shared how “geeked” she was to meet the leaders of the nation, and how she “never thought in a million years” that a moment like that could happen for her. The Memphis-native also reflected on growing up with “nothing,” and making her mother proud.

“It was so cool, I was geeked,” she began. “Everybody don’t get to meet the President and the Vice President, so just being able to be in the White House, like I never in a million years thought I’d be in the White House. Then I was in the White House and got to meet the President and Vice President? Oh, they can’t mess with me.”

She added, “I just feel like ‘her,’ you feel me?”

The news anchor then reread a heartwarming text message that GloRilla’s mom sent to her, to which Glo responded, “It means everything to me, because we really did come from absolute nothing. When we was living in that blue house with all my brothers and sisters, nobody never would’ve thought nobody would have been in the White House.

“It was just a proud moment for my mama,” she continued. “She called me so happy, she was super excited and that’s one of the reasons I be more happy about my accomplishments than anything else, because of how proud my mom and my dad be.”

Check out a clip of the segment below.

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