GloRilla And Latto Face Off In Epic Twerk Contest Judged By Megan The Stallion

The season’s official start may be weeks away, but that didn’t stop Latto, GloRilla, and Megan Thee Stallion from kicking their Hot Girl Summer off early with an epic twerk competition.

The three rap stars linked up during the Atlanta stop of Meg’s Hot Girl Summer Tour, with Latto and GloRilla going head-to-head in a danceoff judged by Thee Stallion. Soundtracked by GloRilla and Megan’s hit collaboration “Wanna Be,” the competition began with GloRilla asking the crowded room, “Who want smoke?” before busting a dance move, scoring the first point of the round.

Wearing a scarf over her face, Latto took Glo up on her challenge, displaying slight footwork before spinning around and twerking to the beat while in close proximity of her challenger. With the score now even, GloRilla danced while bringing her body low to the floor, but was bested by Latto, whose “manilla vanilla clappas,” as Meg described them, seemingly captivated the Houston emcee and other onlookers.

Jerritt Clark/Getty Images for Amazon Music

This led the Georgia native to prance away with four points to GloRilla’s two, as Thee Stallion deemed the Georgia native the victor of their danceoff. In a recap of the contest, Megan gave play-by-pay commentary of the events leading up to the showdown and her reaction to each artist’s performance.

“Glo, I don’t know friend,” Megan said in a voiceover accompany the recap. “It look like big Latto finna eat your ass up bi**h. The “Body” rapper continued, adding, “Glo, I really just think y’all gone have to have a muthaf***in rematch. She definitely ate you up friend. And she left the rag on your head? You about to let Latto do you like that, Glo?”

However, GloRilla refused to admit defeat, as she attributed her performance to her wearing heels at the time of the danceoff. “Latto didn’t win dat dance battle let’s be fr,” GloRilla wrote on X. “I clearly won.

“She did da same twerk twice & I had heels on yall kissing a** cause if I woulda start twerking I woulda got eliminated,” she continued. This led Latto to ask social media to inform the “FNF (Let’s Go)” rapper that she indeed lost and that her own dance moves were superior.

See Megan Thee Stallion, Latto, and GloRilla’s social media posts below.