Birthed from the early efforts of Maryland-based artists Runnit and Gurf, the Partica Artist Group reinvents modern hip-hop-inspired dance production, working alongside many of the scene’s most sought-after creatives. A community thriving upon the pursuance of collective support and authentic collaboration, Partica Artist Group proves a desirable force for both ethics and sound. Kicking off the introductory month of our ‘FUXWITHIT X’ series, we invite Gurf and Runnit to elaborate on their passions for Partica while proudly highlighting perhaps the most talked-about platform in underground and emerging trap cultures.

Fundamentally different from your average bass label, the Partica Artist Group provides a much-needed haven for future creators while crafting the perfect community for trap-purists, hip-hop heads, and bass enthusiasts. The Partica Artist Group succeeds in inviting unsuspecting fans to the below-ground territories of dance while allowing the innovative sounds of tomorrow to take advantage of the community’s growing recognition. 

Gurf expands upon Partica Artist Group’s initial intent and early aspirations: 

“Partica started as an effort from Runnit and me to showcase the specific flavor of bass music that we’re passionate about – what the fans sometimes call “experimental trap,” but to us is just hip-hop-inspired dance music. We started highlighting this sound originally with “Weekly Gas” – a SoundCloud playlist series that focused exclusively on tracks with under 10,000 plays. After doing that for months, we discovered that there was a big group of insanely talented artists that we adored and an absence of community-based around those sounds. At the time, other communities certainly existed but were already cliqued up. Many of them seemed to focus on their current superstars, and we wanted to create an environment from which we could extend our arms and support any and all producers interested in this sound.” – Gurf

The platform’s running discography is unique in its diverse selection of like-minded artists and heavy-weight sounds, featuring the works of episcool, drak, Scullion, bd hbt, Danforth, and dozens more. Partnering alongside adjacent collectives, the Partica community gains wide-spread recognition for the group’s astronomical release selection and inspiring methods of aid. The platform and label’s Co-Founder, Gurf speaks on what exactly defines Partica’s morality and creative foundations.

 “Partica’s community is encouraging, uplifting, and genuine, and it’s that way by design. We support camaraderie, not competition. We support sharing knowledge, not keeping secrets. We encourage our community regularly and genuinely seek to see growth in other artists. While other collectives we know are putting out some awesome music, labels that genuinely support artists are far and few between. Oftentimes, this industry is a bleak one. Artists that are trying to grow need organizations to fight for them, and that’s how we operate as a company. Put simply; we’re creators that give a fuck about other creators.” – Gurf

Since its inception, Partica metamorphosizes into one of the most nurturing collectives for bass communities, utilizing several viable outreach outlets, including Twitch contests, Discord channels, and unlimited social support. With the remainder of 2021 on the horizon, the platform’s founders tease at the future endeavors of what fans can expect from Partica moving forward.

For the future of Partica, we intend to continue our culture of mega collabs, compilations, & beat battles with the team. We’ll advocate for producers in our scene when shows & festivals are fully back. Within the next year, we will be maximizing our battle streams, pushing out new merch ideas, & giving other artists a chance to sell digital products on our store too. 2021 is looking promising & we’re just getting started!” – Runnit

“It’s impossible to truly say what lies in our future. A massive goal for us is to help artists access the tools they need to build their brand and create an organic fan-base. The one thing you’ll be guaranteed from Partica this year is more insane music from artists that you wish you’d known about earlier.” – Gurf

Shining light on Partica’s possibilities, the platform takes over our Spotify’ FUXWITHIT X’ series playlist. With a daunting injection of weighted-bass. The playlist’s 50 records include the sounds of R4ID, Memblem, JKuch, and Kizer: to name only a few.