Focus Five: Volume 44 – FUXWITHIT

If you’re looking for new artists on the rise you’ve come to the right place. Back in its 44th installment, we’re shining a light on the next wave of artists you need to know. This month we’ve got vibey UKG, 2 unique future beat producers, and two gems unearthed from Russia. Dive in below.


Despite everything, this has been a very groovy summer for me. Not that I had any chance to taste any real dancefloors, but I’ve played many great house and disco home DJ sets in the past months. Now that we’re going toward the colder seasons, I’ll automatically (and unconsciously) shift toward more obscure sounds and tracklists. However, I believe there’s still time for one last dance. Earlier this month Garage Shared’s immense album gifted us with an extra dose of groove and good vibes that will need some time to get properly digested. On top of all the amazing tracks in The Annual, ADuki‘s ‘One,’ is one of those I enjoyed the most, and a quick listen-throughout his catalog turned him into one of my latest obsessions.

This Norwich UKG producer knows his stuff when it comes to bassline and piano leads. Beware, I’m not the only one saying this. Over the past year, he quickly got support from Radio 1, BBC Introducing, Kiss FM, and Rinse FM. Every tune ADuki has released so far has such lively and positive energy that makes them a must-have in your playlists if you want to turn on the dance floor or just dance with a smile on your face. Between label releases and more unofficial weird cuts on SoundCloud, there’s already a lot to dig into, but his prolific pace suggests that the best is yet to come. Time to jump on the hype train!


Hailing from Sweden, declares. only recently popped up on my radar thanks to his collaboration with swrly, but the sheer amount of bounce within the track made me quickly want to know more. From a few solo releases to a collaboration with ethanplus, declares.’ discography isn’t super extensive just yet, but the promise from this young producer appears limitless. Combining future beats with an unusually appealing touch of jazz, the Swedish producer is pushing beat-making to new heights, delivering a constant dosage of good vibes and groovy melodies. Rarely crossing the two-minute-mark with his compositions, declares. gets you hooked from the start and leaves you wanting more as his tracks come to a close, but the hypnotic aura of each piece is so enthralling that they can be listened to on loop for hours on end. declares. is one to watch, don’t sleep.


There’s been no shortage of French future beat producers gracing our Focus Five series, but that doesn’t make each of them any less special. There seems to be something magical about the country and sound that just fits together so exceptionally. The newest producer to completely leave me wowed is FairGusS. With less than 500 followers on SoundCloud he may be one of the most promising under-the-radar stars out. I stumbled across his work with ‘POLAR’ and became an instant fan. Living up to the bounce tag, the track does that and much more. There’s a richness to soundscapes, a playfulness to the groove, an undeniable bump, and some definitive hip-hop swagger. In other words it checks ALL of the boxes. If you’re looking to be further amazed look no further than ‘BLAZING’ and ‘CARDIO.’ FairGusS is keeping that OG SoundCloud vibe alive while keeping his sound fresh and there’s nothing we love more than that.


Summer has quietly ended and, in the same way, I’m changing clothes in the wardrobe to match the colder temperatures, the time has come to change the tracklist of my daily life. It’s time to replace the vibrant summer mixtapes with playlists more in line with the Autumn and Winter moods. This means one simple thing. More introspective and intimate music. This is where hypxrtenshi comes into play. Alongside Affectwave, he’s one of my most recent wave discoveries, but this month we’re far from energetic hardwave hymns. Hypxrtenshi’s realm is all about introspection. Moony atmospheres and misty landscapes are the predominant themes in his music. Clearly, we’re not talking about ambient music to fill offices and elevators, but music that is deeply intersected with our human condition. He creates endless sonic spaces to fill the emptiness we sometimes have inside. His songs penetrate even the smallest cracks in our soul and momentarily heap them with a warm and soothing embrace. While on a mere technical point of view I believe hypxrtenshi has still a lot of room to grow, the direction he’s heading to leaves me extremely excited about his future. In case you needed it, this’s just another proof of how much the Russian wave scene is thriving right now. Be sure to explore not only hypxrtenshi’s catalog but also music from his recently co-founded collective IVVU.


Introducing an artist whose sound has been bringing a brand new quality and atmosphere to the underground. An upcoming legend whose production style is clearly his own creation. Tackling on different challenges and resulting in some of the most unique music within the spectrum. Russian-based icon, limedisx. has been working very hard to make a solid name for himself. And with each release, he’s been taking on different genres and pleasing audiences around the industry. From grimy wave, to ambient future garage, this artist is no joke when it comes to deep and meaningful emotions ingrained in each piece. Every track is different and unique while still holding his signature touch.

His newest piece, ‘Breath’ is a calm and impactful wave tune. Filled to the brim with trippy environments, knocking drums, and an angelic vocal to commemorate his style overall. This specific work of art completely represents his purpose within music perfectly. There’s tons of priceless characteristics within which will take you away into the outer realm of our planet. Captivating you in the best ways possible. And once that last chorus section hits you, you’ll be amazed at how diverse his workflow can be. Brilliant to say the least.

A past track of his, ‘Laurel’ will have you in a deep, deep trance. As if you were in an isolation tank of past and current memories. Trying to process life itself while having a strong appreciation for it. His take on the future garage genre is done flawlessly in every sense. Emotional melody creation, well thought out sample selections and more, it tells a whole story on its own. A story the listener can create on their own while enjoying the pure sensation of his light drum work and haunting atmosphere. A rare feeling you’ll want to cherish for a lifetime. Its insidious nature combined with an addictive rhythm creates an endless universe of possibilities.

Words by Alessio, Colin, John & Steph