FLY Emanates An Electric Charge With 'Phoenix in Phoenix' – FUXWITHIT

Bass music extraordinaire FLY has given us yet another gift of heat. His newest track ‘Phoenix in Phoenix’ takes his vision to a whole new level while maintaining a pure theme of filth. Being apart of Cyclops Recording’s new compilation, PLANET CYCLOPS – THE PSYCHEDELIC DIVISION, the artist has flown down from new heights to take on more challenges in his production realm. A wondrous opportunity for him as well as all the heavy hitters apart of the project. You’ve known FLY to have nothing but tremendous skill and passion infused in his art. From eccentric sound design, to broad horizons in his atmospheres, there’s no telling what you’ll hear next coming from his inner creativity. The possibilities are endless for the legend. And this new piece will take you on another wild ride you’ll hold in your heart.

‘Phoenix in Phoenix’ is a trip-filled atom bomb. It redefines all aspects of gravity due to its floating and hovering style bass design. The artist truly took another huge step for himself and his own production from beginning to end. The amount of detail and pure nurturing of each characteristic will instantly blow your mind no matter what. Each sound has its own space and home. Creating a sense of awe when hearing them all work together. This is a listener’s dream when wanting to experience a full effect of the bass music scene. It pays homage to his own style and journey as a person and musician. Intertwining a full unique bind between man and frequency. The track is by far some of FLY’s best work to date. So make sure to go support him by streaming ‘Phoenix in Phoenix’ everywhere via Cyclops Recordings.

Cyclops Recordings · FLY – Phoenix