Floot & Blueprint Set Up An 'Ambush' – FUXWITHIT

Some of the best trap music is being made from the fam down under. I’ve said it plenty of times before and I stand behind it: there’s something in the water down there. Pacific Empire, a new label founded in New Zealand has been a prime example of this phenomenon with their constant groundbreaking releases (see Acrillics’ ‘Resin‘). Pacific Empire has been setting up a perfect ‘Ambush’ to surprise us with next, courtesy of Floot and Blueprint.

‘Ambush’ begins with a dark atmosphere and gargled percussion that set the tone for a distorted pluck to bounce around a beat full of hard kicks and crisp snares with some percussion wobbling nicely in the background. With only a tambourine and woodblocks, the break Floot and Blueprint create is highly interesting and provoking, giving you a nice contrast to the drops. The second part of ‘Ambush’ is filled with a massive, warm, heavily distorted sub that carries the beat from the first drop to a new level. Floot and Blueprint have come together to make an absolute heater that we did not see coming.

Check out ‘Ambush’ below