Eptic’s Debut Album, ‘The End of the World,’ Is Finally Here

Eptic is so much more than just a producer. Michaël Bella is an artist, a musician, a comedian, a branding specialist, and a visionary. Few have remained as consistent with their image for as long as Eptic has, staying true to his essence for over ten years in the scene. It’s truly remarkable to have followed the creative for so many years and to see how he continues to push the limits of the Eptic project. With an art direction that beautifully compliments the auditory experience, Eptic is the real deal.

Since the dawn of the pandemic, the Belgian talent has been relatively quiet in terms of releases. However, that silence is broken today with the release of his debut album, The End of the World. Spanning ten tracks with four incredible collaborations and six individual heaters, The End of the World is the pinnacle of Eptic. Embodying his sound and his versatility to a tee from start to finish, the collection of tracks demonstrate why the veteran has remained atop the scene for years.

I would be lying if I said writing this album went smooth. Making this collection of music has been the most difficult and frustrating project I’ve worked on in my entire life. It’s literal blood, sweat, anger, doubt and a lot of tears. Now that it’s finished, I couldn’t be prouder, Eptic states about the ensemble. He adds, “I went full crack mode and worked on all these songs ’til the last possible minute,” which I can personally attest to. The tracks landed in my inbox just over a week ago, and every time I came back to listen I noticed something different. That’s passion and dedication.

I won’t get into the nitty gritty of describing the album because words will not do it justice. Sonically, the project is exactly what one could expect from an Eptic album. Stylistically, it goes beyond that. Eptic showcases his ability to keep listeners captivated with uniqueness and ingenuity throughout. Featuring Dillon Francis, MARAUDA, MUST DIE! and HOL!, the collection nicely balances the signature Eptic vibe with complementary additions from the collaborators. Don’t miss The End of the World below.