episcool Debuts On Partica Artist Group With 'It's A Wrap' – FUXWITHIT

2020 continues to shine as the year of the underground despite having little to no live events. The halt of a need for festival ready bangers has allowed music experimentation to rise and become more accepted. If your ears or eyes have been anywhere near the FUXWITHIT platform, you have likely become accustomed to hearing the name Partica Artist Group. A family who’s goal is to “live to motivate and inspire creativity through experimentation, exploration, and collaboration“. This is a collective who has learned to thrive and navigate through the misfortunes of quarantine. Being a spearhead in forward thinking bass music, they have continued to use their platform to promote new sounds. In addition to their weekly beat battles sharpening the skills of producers, Partica has curated a new path for artists to grow. As the year concludes they have introduced Emily Patterson, better known as episcool, to the family with ‘It’s A Wrap.’

Seemingly overdue for a release through this collective, ‘It’s A Wrap’ is the perfect debut for the SUS COLLECTIVE founder herself. In the intro episcool plays with YBN Nahmir’s ‘Rubbin Off The Paint’ before expediting straight to a bounce infested drop. The swing behind the percussion elements weave smoothly through the vocal chops while incorporating organic sounds in between. Navigating into the last half of the track, she allows the verses to pop off as she ups the energy and expands the bass intensity. Prepare for the bounce in ‘It’s A Wrap’ below and snatch that free download here.

Partica Artist Group · episcool – It’s A Wrap