ell!psis, galva, & tsou Cause Subatomic Violence With 'RNA' – FUXWITHIT

For over a decade now, SoundCloud has given a welcome home to the finest in the underground trap scene, even going so far as to have many fans label the best and brightest genre curators as peddlers of tell-tale “SoundCloud trap.” To this day, the trap community stays ever-growing and ever-prospering, with one of the earliest champions of the platform Kaytranada taking home a Grammy win this year. Now, some of the hottest up-and-comers in the form of ell!psis, galva, and tsou have pooled their creative capacities to bring the world ‘RNA’, a track that is truly destabilizing at a molecular level.

Fresh off his win in Baauer’s beat battle and the release of the hip-hop-centric 4Closure mixtape with Mohawk Johnson, TYGKO, and Cam Stacey, ell!psis is successfully laying a foundation of exceptional quality and top-tier production that continues with ‘RNA’. Tapping galva and tsou is just the icing on top, as they both bring their own unique repertoire of audio wizardry into the fold. ‘RNA’ begins your molecular strip-tease with a sultry melody that gets the neurotransmitters firing on all cylinders, any outcome equally as possible as the next. Taking a short-lived 24 seconds before breaking you down to the building blocks of life, the bass lines will reverberate throughout the entirety of your being, making sure-footing impossible to achieve. Majestic speaker purrs and lush fills wrap this piece up as a steadfast subwoofer workout plan, with sole emphasis on only the biggest of gains. Check out the madness that is ‘RNA’ for yourself below!