Donnell Rawlings Barks On Corey Holcomb For Calling His Comedy “Mild”

Donnell Rawlings took issue with fellow comic Corey Holcomb referring to his comedy as “mild” during a show at the Los Angeles Laugh Factory this weekend.

The footage from Sunday night (Feb. 18) was obtained by TMZ, which posted the clips of Holcomb hitting the stage after Rawlings and calling his act “mild.” He also reportedly took shots at Rawlings’ good friend and frequent collaborator, Dave Chappelle, though his name isn’t heard in the recorded footage.

“Nobody agree?” Holcomb asked the room of his takes on Rawlings and Chappelle. “So I’m wrong! I can be wrong!” He went on to assert that Rawlings wouldn’t be as well received at a club like The Savoy in Inglewood, as The Laugh Factory is located in Hollywood on Sunset Blvd.

This led the Chappelle Show vet to note his comedic come-up on the east coast, namely Brooklyn.

“You saying I’m mild, you saying I didn’t come through the streets or the gutter is straight bullsh*t,” he went on. “Let’s be fair! You say you keep it 100? Ni**as know how I get down, I rip sh*t!”

Holcomb went on to double-down on his statement that Rawlings is “mild,” with Rawlings responding, “You’re a provocateur, you know how to incite people. Ain’t nothing mild about my sh*t!…You calling me a mild comic is totally off…I’m a beast, ni**a! I’m a beast!” he yelled, to the applause of the room.

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Rawlings later sat down with TMZ to explain the situation further, revealing that Holcomb also said “anybody who’s done three (or more) movies in comedy has done fellatio,” which he took offense to. He also added that, according to IMDB, Holcomb has done at least four movies himself.

“It’s unfortunate it came to this. Should I have yelled out at him, no, but…I been rocking with my guy Dave Chappelle for years. I’m a loyal guy to my friends, my fans, and my family, and for me, it was just a build up.”

Check out his breakdown below.

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