Donald Trump’s Appearance During Sneaker Convention Sparks Stereotypical Response

Just one day after Donald Trump was fined $355 million in the wake of a fraud trial, the former president continued his campaign and made a surprise appearance at Sneaker Con in Philadelphia.

“Sneakerheads, you’re sneakerheads, right? Does everybody in the room consider themselves a sneakerhead?” Trump said in a short speech, according to ABC News, to crowd members who were both chanting for and booing at him.

The 77-year-old unveiled his gold “Never Surrender” high-top sneakers at the event, which retail for $399. The shoes are reportedly sold out online.

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Trump responded to the mixed reactions by stating, “This a slightly different audience than I’m used to, but I love this audience.” He allowed one woman onstage who shared, “They’re after him for no reason. Go out and vote for Trump.”

He did acknowledge that he’d be talking to the Michigan crowd “about a slightly different subject than sneakers,” but felt “it’s all part of Americana.” He later urged everyone to “go out and vote.”

Fox News pundit Raymond Arroyo felt that Trump garnered Black Americans’ support because “they love sneakers.”

Arroyo continued, “This is connecting with Black America because they love sneakers! They’re into sneakers… this is a big deal, certainly in the inner city. So when you have Trump roll out his sneaker line, they’re like, ‘Wait a minute, this is cool!’”

He later said, “He’s reaching them on a level that defies and is above politics. The culture always trumps politics. Trump understands culture like no other politician I’ve ever seen […] It’s affection on some level. I don’t think this is just for collectors. He’s connecting on a different level.”