Discover The Innovative Rock Sounds Of Dean The Dream’s Art

Expanding the borders of rock is Dean The Dream, a poet and singer-songwriter who boldly speaks on his own life and experiences, which lends him an incredible amount of authenticity and uniqueness. The artist has been in the industry for a while, always coming up with real and raw pieces, and his recent work is an album called Hitchin’ It To Heaven, which you’re guaranteed to enjoy. 

There is much to be said about Brendan Alpiner (aka Dean The Dream). To only note his poetic nature would not do his vibrant character any justice. To get to know the artist a bit more, make sure to check out his recent interview with SweetNSour magazine, where he speaks about his music and more. “I think its sense of freedom and expression caught me more than anything,” Dean said when asked about what attracted him to the rock genre. “Also the stories and characters that appear throughout rock history are just fascinating and wonderful. When I didn’t feel as though I belonged, the rock world gave me people who made me feel more seen.” Make sure to follow the artist on social media for more updates!