Diddy’s Downfall: A Timeline Of Heinous Accusations And Actions Against Sean Combs

Warning: The following article contains triggering language, photos and/or videos related to domestic violence.

A disturbing video showing Sean “Diddy” Combs physically assaulting Cassie Ventura was released last Friday (May 17), validating violent claims made by the singer in a November 2023 lawsuit. The groundbreaking action made by Ventura sparked a storm of stories detailing alleged disturbing behavior from Combs.

The 54-year-old, who founded Bad Boy Entertainment after being fired from Uptown in 1993, allegedly used his money, power, and fame to enable activities that have led to a Homeland Security raid on his properties in Los Angeles and Miami as part of a federal sex trafficking investigation in March 2024.

Police and members of the media gather outside the home of US producer and musician Sean “Diddy” Combs in Los Angeles on March 25, 2024. Homes belonging to Sean “Diddy” Combs were being raided by federal agents, media reported on March 25, with the US hip hop mogul at the center of sex trafficking and sex assault lawsuits.

DAVID SWANSON/AFP via Getty Images

As portrayed in the multiple lawsuits, rumors, and recollections, Combs’ evolution from Puffy, to Puff Daddy, to P. Diddy, to Diddy, and landing on Love, was largely at the expense of others’ safety. The Harlem native’s rise to becoming one of the music industry’s most successful figures allegedly included decades of overlooked, ignored, and dismissed criminal activity.

Since Ventura’s initial filing, multiple alleged victims have come forward with allegations against the Hip-Hop mogul, accusing him of rape, assault, and other egregious behavior. Although he issued a statement regarding the shocking video footage calling his kicking and punching of Ventura “inexcusable,” Combs has remained adamant in clearing his name.

“LET ME BE ABSOLUTELY CLEAR,” he continued. “I DID NOT DO ANY OF THE AWFUL THINGS BEING ALLEGED. I WILL FIGHT FOR MY NAME, MY FAMILY AND FOR THE TRUTH. SEAN DIDDY COMBS,” exclaimed a statement issued in December 2023, after an alleged fourth victim came forward with their story.

Read below for a timeline of the fall of Sean Combs‘ empire since November 2023.